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Adult Learner Essay

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Study Skills: Managing Time as an Adult Learner

Managing time especially as an adult is a daily challenge. Most people don’t notice it, but it is a task that requires a lot of energy and very many aspects of planning. There is also a big benefactor of managing time more efficient and properly. Stress can be reduced and can improve work efficiency of everyday tasks. Learning how to manage time can be very hard for an un-organized individual but with detailed planning and step by step instructions anyone can learn to be more efficient with their time. By using the correct tools and methods to assist with time management, the process can become much smoother and easier to understand and ...view middle of the document...

A well organized student will have a larger success rate than those that don’t. There are so many profits and advantages of managing time more efficiently, by doing this; anyone can achieve almost anything they set their mind to.
Managing time is a constant struggle with in an individual life. It is especially hard when person is also an adult student. By learning how to manage time in an efficient manner anyone can accomplish almost anything. Listed below are four good examples of time management techniques; making a list, set a goal, schedule and/or plan, and execute it. First and foremost, make a list. Within that list, prioritize the most important task and the least important task, doing so would give him or her more time to manage the most important task. According to Chapman (2009), “Goals don’t need to be formal. They don’t need to be long-term either (long-term goals can also be beneficial for the future). What they do need is to focus your attention on what’s important.” Including a goal in managing time provides a clear path for someone to accomplish the task they set forth to do. After completing and setting forth the goal, schedule and plan how to deal with the pending tasks. Doing so can alleviate many redundant tasks and it makes things clearer for someone to see their goals. Planning ahead will also help with time management. Nelen (2000) suggested considering whether any activities can be combined. Tasks that can be combined together will save time and it will clear up some free time for personal things or just some relaxation.
Balancing work and school is difficult; so it is best to create and stick to a dedicated study time (“The College Board”, 2011). The most important thing is to execute these planned tasks. Almost anyone can sit down and make up these plan/lists but it takes a great deal of effort to accomplish and do them. When an individual has a plan they have to have the integrity to do them on time. Without acting out on the scheduled plans set forth, then these plans are useless and a waste of time.
To ease the pain of time management, there are many devices and programs that anyone can use. There are things like notebook planners, calendar reminders, cell phones and many other tools that make handling a task and managing time easier. Knowing which one to use and which one is best for the individual person is critical since the technology is only as effective as the user. Using old school tools such as sticky notes and a daily planner notebook is still very beneficial. With the proper use, old fashioned tools like these can assist...

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