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Adult Education Career Presentation Essay

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Factors Influencing Current Adult Learning Abstract
November 11, 2012

Factors Influencing Current Adult Learning Abstract
The global trend for adult learning is that everyone agrees that participation is good thing, however they all realize there are barriers to participation (Brookfield, S.,2000). The future of adult education is that first information on adult education learning has to be received by the workforces of the world (Kasworm, C., 2007). The future also depends on the digitbal provides of education that need to create accessible and universal opportunities for adult learners (Kasworm, C., 2007). Knowledge is updated daily and these providers must keep up with the world. Technology is changing every day and those that want to provide the education opportunities must change with it. The digital educators must ...view middle of the document...

In small-town rural areas are better off than those living in isolated areas, and some urban centers are as impoverished as the most rural areas (Merriam, S., Caffarella, R., & Baumgartner, L. ,2007). Worldwide, access to learning opportunities in rural areas is a problem at all levels of education (Merriam, S., Caffarella, R., & Baumgartner, L. ,2007). However, with today's technology and the opportunity to learn online, these living in the isolated areas or even being transient can now learn as do their urban and suburban counterparts do. (Farrell, G. ,1999). So the old excuses that a person does not have the opportunity to a higher adult education learning, is now a thing of the past. Everyone has the opportunity, the only thing that stands in their way, is themselves.

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