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Adult Aging And Development Essay

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Adult Aging and Development

1.) One specific example of aging would be physical changes during adulthood such as outward appearance. Weight and body composition changes as a pattern over adulthood. It first starts to rise in our 30s and 40s and then levels out in the 50s and 60s but then it declines by the time you hit your 70s. The MIDUS (Midlife in the United States) graph shows the weight curve for men and women in figure 2.1 of our book on page 37. One specific research example that demonstrates this would be that weight and body composition can affect the person to not be able to exercise as needed which can cause the body to breakdown in muscle form and tissue. This can cause ...view middle of the document...

You would watch and assess over time what the individuals functional age.
3.) The P.E. Fit Model
a. It is defined by the degree to which the individual person matched their environment P for person and E for environment. They are:
* Competence would be the ability to meet the demands of your life, work, family or community roles.
* Press would be the continuation of care. Support that is offered by family, community, Government or volunteers and paid help. Press could include the individual, spousal support, family support, community services such as church, transportation or meals. In home support services, adult foster care, assisted living, memory care, nursing home care or hospice care.
* Adaption would be optimizing the match between press and competence or adjusting demands as competence changes.
b. Functional aging is related to the P-E fit model because how well you are able to perform tasks will depend on how well you will be able to competent in meeting the demands of your daily life. If you have an acre of property that needs attending and you are unable to attend it anymore due to poor health then you will have to adjust your P-E fit to work for you better maybe by hiring someone to come help you do it.
4.) The environmental levels that surround an individual are:

a. Microsystem – friends, schools, families, and neighbors
b. Mesosystem – microsystem to microsystem, microsystem to exosystem, family issues or performance at school.
c. Exosystem – parent looses job, stress at home, can’t control the job situation of the parent
d. Macrosystem – Culture, attitude, race, gender
e. Chronosystem – changes in society over a specific amount of time or major events in one’s life span.
c. Doris a 67 year old woman could be affected by these environmental levels:
* Microsystem – Doris’s microsystem consists of her husband and her two adult children and would be affected because her children all work full time and have school aged children which make it hard for the them to care for their parents.
* Mesosystem – Doris’s mesosystem consists of her affiliation with her church, her husband’s health and affiliation with her church. This system would be affected because Doris will need help from her community and church because of her husband’s poor health.
* Exosystem – Doris’s exosystem consists of her husband poor health, her retirement and social security benefits and her need for health services in her community. This system might be affected because of Doris’s stress about her husband’s health and that she may not have enough money to do what needs to be done.
* Macrosystem – Doris’s macrosystem would be her community in which her and her husband has lived for 40 years. Doris’s community has physical and mental health services and a senior center to help Doris.
* Chronosystem – Doris’s chronosystem would not be applicable to this story.
5.) If my...

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