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Adolf Hitler's Rise To Power Essay

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Adolf Hitler's Rise to Power

Among the many dictatorships and tyrants of history, Adolf Hitler was one of the most feared and awed. His actions brought about the Second World War, the Holocaust and shaped Germany’s future. The ascent and journey of such a man to a position of power is a fascinating story. Read on to learn how Hitler became the Führer of Germany
The Third Reich, the Nazi army, the Holocaust, all creations of one man... Adolf Hitler. Different stages of his life have been elucidated on to delve deeper into how and what created this dictator, from his childhood and ...view middle of the document...

A red flag with the swastika was created and used as the party's symbol. This party became a key platform for Hitler to express his views and can be regarded as his training ground. He was enthusiastic and principled and very good at addressing large crowds, to mobilize the masses. Above all, he seemed to know how to turn the typically peaceful German public into a powerful rabble. It was during these early speeches and rallies, that Hitler started anti-Jewish propaganda and planted the seed of doubt in the common German's mind, that Jews were to blame for the sorry state Germany was in. He became the head of the party and renamed the party as the ‘Nazi’ party. Becoming the head of such a political party increased Hitler's reputation and standing as a man who can get things done. Hitler had even managed to create his own army, dedicated to the Nazi party, called the Sturmabteilung or SA.
He reorganized the party's internal structure and adopted a more subdued stance in rallies and movements. Here Hitler's speeches were the real crowd pullers. He spoke of visions of grandeur and power, that Germany could reach. He spoke of a better future without the evils of the Jews and the Communists. He inspired the public to believe and be proud of their Aryan heritage and to have faith in him, that he would raise Germany from the gutters to its true seat of power. 
Economic change gave Hitler his first real step into the power game of German politics. The common man now had no job, no money and no economy. Feeling betrayed by the government, the...

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