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Adolf Hitler Inspirational Person Essay

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Adolfus “Adolf” Hitler, was born April 20th, 1889 (4/20/1889) in Braunau am Inn, Austria to Alois Schickelgruber Hitler, who was an Austrian customs official, and his third wife, Klara Poelzl. He was their fourth child and, little did they know, their son would soon grow up to be one of the largest political powers in the world.
Two of Adolf’s siblings died from diphtheria when he was a young boy and one died soon after birth. Adolf was a very moody child, and had a terrible temper. He was very resentful and hostile towards his extremely strict father, while being very attached to his mother, Klara, who died in the December of 1908 from cancer. This was a very devastating, and ...view middle of the document...

He joined the Sixteenth Bavarian Infantry Regiment and served as a dispatch runner, which was an extremely dangerous job, as it involved carrying messages from regimental headquarters to the front-line of battle.
He proved to be a very good soldier, and received several medals, one of the most prestegious being the "Iron Fist" which was a first class military decoration for bravery, but he never rose above the rank of Lance Corporal. After being wounded twice, he was badly gassed for a month before the end of the war and spent three months recuperating in a Pomeranian Hospital. This also temporarily blinded him, and made him much more bitter and full of rage than he already was. He then believed that fate had chosen him to rescue the nation from the imprisonment of the Versailles Treaty, from the Jews and the Bolsheviks.
In the summer of 1919, Hitler was assigned by the Reichswehr to what they referred to as educational duties, which was really the job of spying on political parties in Munich. He was sent to investigate the German Workers' Party on September 16, 1919, and entered the Party of fourty members. He soon changed the group's name to the NSDAP (National Socialist German Workers' Party), and in two years, had gained the Chairman seat in the party. By November of 1921, Hitler was recognized as Fuhrer of a movement which had 3,000 members and even hired bodyguards for himself.
He learned that he was a very gifted speaker through his speeches, and instilled his views into the groups minds, the most notable being the hatred of the Jews. Labeling them as their number one enemy, he made the group believe that they were responsible for all of Germany's financial problems. He also gave the group the swastika symbol, and changed their greeting to, "Heil!." They also changed their name to the National Socialist Party, also known as the Nazi party. On February 20th, 1920 the party released their "Twenty-five-point Programme of the National Socialist Part". This expressed the views and goals of the group, the main one being quite simple: total elimination of the Jews.
After a drunken incident on February 26, 1924 in Munich, Hitler was sentenced to a prison sentence of 5 years, but was released after just 9 months. But during this time of imprisonment, Hitler wrote the "Mein Kempf" which translates into "My Struggle". Many called this the "Bible of the Nazi Party". By 1939, it had sold over 5 million copies and had been translated into eleven languages. The period of his imprisonment changed Hitler into somewhat of someone who longed to be in power. He said that he, "Would never again confront the gun barrels of army and police until they were under his command."
Hitler was helped to power by a group of conservative politicians led by Franz von Papen, who persuaded the reluctant von Hindenburg to nominate Hitler as Reich Chancellor on January 30th, 1933. Once in power, he abolished the free trade unions, eliminated communists, Social...

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