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Adolescents Having Sex Essay

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Adolescents/Teens Having Sex
Teenagers today think sex is something that makes them cool, and it becomes a mental disorder because they think every relationship they are in has to pertain to sex in order for the opposite person to love them and stay with them. Forty-six percent of teenagers from the age of fifteen to nineteen have had sex at least once (FOATSARH). They are not only having sex, but are having more than one sex partner a year (Teen Sex Statistics). Mentally they don’t know all the consequences that are involve in having sex. They are too young and to immature, but it’s not going to stop them, because they have a reputation to keep up with. Not caring that it is giving ...view middle of the document...

Forty-eight percent of these new cases happen to young people between the ages of fifteen and twenty-four (STDs). Teens don’t think this can happen to them, so parents need to teach their kids what sexually transmitted diseases are, and how it can affect them, so that they can protect themselves from getting these diseases.
A problem that is occurring all around us is teen pregnancy. Each year almost 750,000 teens become pregnant between the ages of fifteen and nineteen (Pregnancy). Having a baby is something very special for women when they are ready and mature enough for one. When having a baby too early in life will bring a lot of problems to a young person. It can cause depression which can lead to many other complicated issues. My sister who is nineteen is expecting a baby, and she is learning what it’s about the hard way. She thought she was ready for a baby until she became pregnant. She lost her job, lost her apartment, and is living back home now. She is too immature to realize how important it is to go to work every day, and be on time. She will not be able to get a job now until after the baby is born. She has nothing together for the baby, and doesn’t know what she is going to do. Something that she was so excited about has now turned into a very stressful time in her life (Darnell 1). Kids need to grow up, and become responsible adults before having a baby of their own to early in life. Most likely the baby’s grandparents will end up supporting these babies if not raising them which affect everyone’s life. This may drive a wedge between parents and their kids.
A major solution/treatment to teens having sex is knowledge. Health experts claim that teens would rather learn about sex and sexually transmitted diseases from their parents (PAWTLTTTTTAS). Parents need to talk to their kids about sexually transmitted diseases. If parents don’t feel comfortable talking about this to their kids, or don’t have the proper knowledge themselves, they need to find someone that can. Proper sex education could eliminate some of the new sexually transmitted disease cases. Another knowledgeable source would be to bring proper sex education back in schools. Sex education needs to be taught longer, and focused on for more than two or three days in order to get the point across to teens. Having sex education back in schools could give kids even more knowledge. Outside sources could also help kids that can’t go to their parents. They need all the information they can get, and they can never get too much of it.
A solution/treatment for teen pregnancy would be contraceptives. When teenage girls start dating, or become interested in boy, and have started their periods they should go on some sort of birth control pill. This will not only save them from becoming pregnant, but would also regulate their periods. Another contraceptive would be putting girls on the...

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