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Differences in competencies: Baccalaureate of Science versus Associate of Science in Nursing
Grand Canyon University: Profession Dynamics Section 0106
September 30, 2012

Baccalaureate of Science versus Associate of Science in Nursing
There are three educational pathways to becoming a Registered nurse. These include baccalaureate, associate degree, and diploma programs (Friberg et al, 2011). It has been proven in various studies that nurses with a higher level of education provide better quality patient care versus the associate level nurse (Rosseter, 2012). There are several differences in competencies between a associate and baccalaureate nurse that include ...view middle of the document...

Associate Program
The associates’ degree in nursing is generally a two year program that provides the student with general education courses and clinical nursing courses. These programs are designed to provide an educational framework that emphasizes the principle of life-long learning. At a program such as the ADN at Mercer Community County College the student will develop a broad knowledge base that will allow them to communicate clearly, read analytically, and to use critically thinking and problem solving skills (MCCC, 2012). The student will also be able to provide health promotion education and maintenance of optimal health to meet the needs of the community in a competent and safe manner (MCCC, 2012). The student will be able to communicate in a professional manner, use the nursing process to diagnose and treat individuals with alterations in health, and will have the ability to collaborate with other members of a health care team (MCCC, 2012)
Differences Between BSN and AS prepared RN’s
There have been several studies that show differences in patient outcomes for patients cared for by Baccalaureate nurses versus associate nurses. The level of education makes a difference in the nurse’s competency level, amount of expertise in different aspects of patient care, and differences in patient mortality rates (Aiken, Clarke, Cheung, Sloane, & Silber, 2003).
Mortality Rates
A study published by the journal of the American Medical Association on September 24, 2003 by Dr. Linda Aikens and her colleagues at the University of Pennsylvania found a link between a higher level of nursing education and improved patient outcomes (Aiken et. Al.,2003). The study found that surgical patients had increased survival rates in hospitals that had a higher proportion of nurses with a Baccalaureate degree (Aiken et al., 2003). Also, it was also found that a higher the proportion of nurses with Baccalaureate degrees experienced overall lower mortality rates and failure-to-rescue rates (Aiken et al., 2003).
Another study reported by the Milbank Memorial Fund in 2001 found that there were higher incidences of procedural violations and medication errors made by associate degree nurses versus the Baccalaureate nurses (Fagin, 2001). A 2001 survey published in the Journal of Nursing Administration, the Chief nurse officers in university hospitals noted differences in practice between the associate degree nurse versus the Baccalaureate nurses (Goode, et al 2001). They found that the Baccalaureate nurses were stronger in the areas of leadership and critical thinking (Goode et al., 2001). The research also shows that associate degree level nurses develop stronger professional level skills after obtaining a Baccalaureate degree (Phillips et al., 2002). These graduates showed a higher level of competency in nursing practice, leadership, evaluation, communication, and in research (Phillips et al., 2002)..
The need for a higher level of...

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