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Admissions Essay

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I feel that one of the largest technological changes that has had a huge effect in this country is the advent of the modern cellular phone. No development in recent memory even comes closer to having such a drastic effect on the average American’s life.
Just a relatively short time ago – let us just say 15 years – the cell phone was considered a luxury and quirk that was really only utilized by the wealthy and those whose employment required it. The average American did not carry a cell phone, and the technology just that short period ago is considered archaic by the standards of today. In order to communicate, a land line was a necessity. Yes, there were pagers, but that still required two phone calls from a land line: one to the pager, and one ...view middle of the document...

As an added bonus, it can still make and receive voice calls. A simple stroll through a grocery store or mall in today’s America and you will no doubt see myriad people utilizing their cellular phones: texting, making purchases, chatting, and surfing the Internet. One can operate their home security system from their cellular device, something that was unheard of just 15 short years ago. The need to carry around a cumbersome camera to capture all the special moments is no more; just pull out your cell phone, and the instant is captured. And then, one can immediately use the Internet to post the picture to Facebook or a similar social networking web site, for millions to see.
The incredible power of the cell phone has been utilized by the retail industry, also. Customers can shop online on their cell phones, then use their cell phones to complete their purchase. This may lead to more spur of the moment binge purchasing, but this is commonplace in today’s instant gratification America. It would be interesting to examine the statistics for this upcoming Christmas shopping season, then compare the number of purchases that were made strictly using a person’s cellular device; compare that with the number in 1997 – 0 – and it isn’t difficult to discern why the cell phone has been one of, if not the largest technological advance in recent American life.
The average American’s life has been dramatically changed by the cellular device. A good part of the population’s lives center around it. How often has the phrase “I’m lost without my cell phone” been opined? It’s little wonder, though; with a personal computer, camera, flashlight, calculator, and yes, phone, all rolled into one, what other technological advancement of the last decade and a half even compares?

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