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Admission Statement

Admission Statement
Educational Communication and Technology is my primary career goal. In fact, it reflects my one and only career option though at time I am also attracted to psychology. Just like the goal of a teacher to help the students succeed in life, the moral of the legislators to set rules and regulations to make a change in their respective constitutions and the commitment of a golfer to improving in their field through much practices and research, I find myself incorporating all the three. My aim is to have a mastery of all the skills needed in the current technology to even help my workers to improve on how they do their daily ...view middle of the document...

Besides being an English graduate, I managed to come up with a prototype of a navigation app which I still need to improve it.
I was brought up in Saudi society, an area where ideas were argued, strong points related to coming up with wise decisions. This is where I started figuring out thing in broader perspectives. To add, I am an analyst in nature and likes getting a weakness of something before implementing any change to improve the situation. I have ever served as an English teacher for two years and worked in the bank for 5 years. To add, I have served many Technology Companies in New York City. This experience builds a strong foundation in me in technology and cooperate skills. I want to add on these skills and be a technology expert.
Over my teenage years, I have liked the world we live in and still aim at getting ways of improving it. I am a fun of current affairs where I follow many programs through radio, television and a variety of publications especially in the field of technology. I have a greater hope of exploring more in this field to enact change in ways in which technological changes are passed to the people and get implemented. Technological study helps to cope with the daily processes.
The most significant part of educational communication and technology, of course, is technological development. I am among those who believe in education as a tool that brings in change. Educators in school help to equip the students with the knowledge so that they can have an improved way of living. The knowledge they achieve help them to get better opportunities in life. Knowledge helps people to have control of many issues in life. In educational communication and technology field, learning technological practice equips one with the same knowledge. I realized this while working with Dr. Matt, a professor at Integrated Digital Media. He has remarkable teaching skills which inspire me to set goals to listen and communicate more clearly with my fellow workmates. As a technologist, I hope to hone those skills and thereby empower people to fit well in the ever evolving technology.
The subject provides a strong foundation with...

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