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Admission Letter For Nursing School Essay

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My Goals

Nursing Admission Statement Goals

I'm applying for admission to the Nursing Graduate School to further my career as a Nurse. I love being around with sick people that need my help and in order to do this, I wish to improve my ability to serve my patients by going to the University of Calsbad graduate school of nursing. At the same time, I am looking forward to the challenge that your nursing curriculum provides for the aspiring Registered Nurse. I am aware of the rigorous requirements of further study at the Master's Entry CNL level, but I am willing and able to successfully fulfill the requirements of the program. I know I am able to do this since my experience during the clinical portion of my CNA taught me the rigor of the nursing profession. Yet my desire to provide nurture and care causes me to do more for my patients.

The reason I choose nursing over other ...view middle of the document...

Nursing has always interested me and it carries with it a lot of responsibilities, it took a lot of self- searching before I finally decided on nursing as my new career as a Clinical Nurse Leader. Nursing in my view is the most fulfilling of all careers as it gives one an opportunity to do something for the community, it allows people to interact and communicate with people at a very personal level. I will be able to interact not only with the patients, whose well being is the primary concern of any nurse, but will also be dealing closely with other medical staff. Therefore, at one end I will be gaining new experience as a professional nurse and at the other end I would be interacting with a whole social structure at different levels and in different roles. With the help of this University, I will get a chance to gain knowledge and learn the Jesuit tradition in approaching and solving different medical issues; and help me find solutions for the ever-changing nursing job and it will also help me evolve and keep up with the ever-changing societal and healthcare needs.

A master's-prepared nurse as a Clinical Nurse Leader will give me superior tools to have broad vision, in addition to organizational skills and professional understanding through coordination, will accomplish goals through support and organization; and as a leader, I can balance any conflict and change through communication. In addition to improving and mapping healthcare for the patients, I want to make a significant contribution to the community, collaborate with different healthcare professionals and most importantly uphold and develop the nursing standards and advance the role of a nurse around the world.

If given a chance to be a part of your Master's Program in Nursing, I assure you, you will not be disappointed as I believe in hard work and I consider this phase of my education to be the most important for my career and the future of my professional life. And your institution is the most suitable to my career goals. I also believe that my current profession runs parallel with Nursing in which both prevent death and save lives.


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