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Admission Essay

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Our experiences play an important role in shaping our opinions, hopes and dreams. As we live, people around us including family, friends, colleagues and teachers; play an important role in shaping and sharing our experiences. Looking back at my journey through life, I am amazed at how much influence those around me, and the experiences we shared together, have played a role in shaping who I am today.

My eldest brother had several handicaps. He was born deaf and with poor eye sight which in turn affected his speech and development. Throughout my eldest brother’s life, our mother was his caretaker, his support and the only one who fought so hard for his well being and happiness. She had managed in the late seventies to enrol him in a special school in Lebanon where he started to develop and learn sign language through which we all communicate with him now. I was too young at the time, but my older siblings told me of the stories ...view middle of the document...

As Palestinians we could not travel to Jordan or Egypt where similar schools were available. To complicate matters, Saudi Arabia had little to offer in terms of schools suitable for my eldest brother. Since my mother’s passing, my eldest brother has been living with my older sister in Beirut. After all the failed attempts at finding a special program for my eldest brother, we now care about one thing only; that he live his life free of stress and lives it well. It is sad to have witnessed how circumstance has made a victim of an otherwise wonderful human being.

Not giving up is something I had learnt from my late mother. Till this day, we are inspired by this woman, who was not fortunate to have had a formal education but persevered and made sure that her children were well educated and achieved their potentials. With five children, one of which was handicapped, she still managed to enrol at night school, learn English and complete her General Certificate of Education (the old British high school system).

I have not given up on my eldest brother, not yet! Pursuing an advanced degree in education is going to be the first step that would allow me to help those children who suffer through unfortunate circumstances, especially my brother. I am convinced of my ability to excel at this wonderful and humane calling. What strengthens my conviction and resolve is what I had achieved in the past. When I moved to Lebanon for my university education, I spoke little English. But through hard work and the support of my family, I was successful at improving my language skills to the point that I now speak it fluently. Looking back at those formative years, I remember the challenges I had faced with pride and a sense of achievement to have overcome the obstacles and refusing to be a victim of circumstance. Having lived in Saudi Arabia, I had felt isolated from the rest of the world. When I moved to Lebanon, I had to adapt to a different and open culture quickly. My university education taught me to think for myself and to analyse, debate and question what’s around me. It is with the same mindset that I plan to achieve my objective of becoming a teacher.

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