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Administrator Essay

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Unit 2 Assignment 2: New Technology in My Field-Research and Essay

2015 JAN 5 (VerticalNews) -- By a News Reporter-Staff News Editor at Internet Weekly News – This article is focused on Cyber phycology and Social Networking. This study originated from Herzliyya, Israel. According to the study they documented the experience that groups of people who were heavy in conflict communicating using virtual-human interactions. In other words the heads of these organizations are speaking to each other using holograms or very similar technology. “A virtual human representing an outgroup member (a Palestinian) interacted with 60 Jewish Israeli participants in an experimental study”- Quote from the first paragraph of the article. The relevance is that these two groups (Palestinian’s and Israeli’s) have a very sensitive past. Communicating back and forth using ...view middle of the document...

The reason this is important to upgrade technology all over the world, is if this science truly works, we can produce more peace and less destruction over time leaving more money for construction rather than destruction.
The end result was that mimicry technology works with hostile groups when it comes to communicating amongst each other more peacefully. This communication style increases empathy towards one another and therefor results in more peaceful behaviors. I personally believe it is because by communicating digitally it would not be such a treat VS. Standing in a warzone making very important life-altering decisions with armies all around. If we incorporate this technology more than we may increase world peace exponentially over time. It also allows us to understand the need for the newer technology and therefor will open many gateways that may would have never been explored if this science today did not prevail. I feel that this information was presented pretty short and sweet. My bias opinion is that I do not believe we have enough of these studies that can gives us an average of behaviors that will tell us if this technology is actually better or worst using a 50% margin. I believe that this knowledge is awesome, because it shows that technology at least in this example, is helping our world to become closer as a whole once again. I believe that we should invest more money into developing this technology more because the overall savings of Peace VS. War is tenfold times in savings, so we really owe it to ourselves to invest in our world in this way.

APA Documented Source
Cyberpsychology and social networking; new cyberpsychology and social networking findings reported from B.S. hasler and co-authors (virtual peacemakers: Mimicry increases empathy in simulated contact with virtual outgroup members). (2015).Internet Weekly News, , 5. Retrieved from

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