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Administrative Regulations Essay

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1. The administrative agency that controls the regulation is the Federal government (Department of Education). I strongly believe that education has a huge positive impact on the society. It is a must if a nation desires to attain growth and development and more importantly, maintain it. The Department of Education recognizes and keeps the importance of economic education which is why the agency and their proposed regulation interest me. The agency helps promote student achievement by all means and helps provide equal access to education for all. The proposed regulation would affect me both positively and negatively because it is a regulation that might help reduce my student debt loan at ...view middle of the document...

The test based on repayment rate is measures if students who have taken those programs are paying back their loans. Programs would be eligible if at least 45% of students who have taken the program is paying back. The regulation is expected to begin in the 2012-2013 academic year giving schools enough time to adjust those programs that do not meet the regulation.

3. My public commend would go as follows:

I praise the department of education for wanting to begin a regulation that would protect students, making sure that those programs which they are enrolling for are adequately benefiting them. I am a current student of a for profit school (Devry University), and I do understand and believe that education and school programs should be increasing the employment rate of students not making them worse, but I also have serious concerns about the potential consequences of this proposal. I think it is unfair to single out for profit schools and restrict them from offering programs that are needed by the industry and offer graduates a solid career path and professional future. This should not be the case at all. I have been attending Devry University for just 8 months, and I have seen a major growth in my career and position at my work. If I have been restricted by the gainful employment regulation proposal, I do not believe I would be where I am today. Students should not be limited to options because they are making the decisions based on what is right and convenient for them by attending a for profit school. This regulation should be reconsidered because I believe it would damage and bring down the educational level of this nation. With this comment, I would want the federal government to reconsider the proposal and find other means of encouraging prospective students who are currently looking into going back to school, and also the minority who cannot afford to pay for their tuition without the help of the government.

4. The public comments deadline was September 9, 2010

5. After I have submitted my comment during the proposal stage, I would be legally entitled to challenge the validity of the rules in court. The five legal theories that one could use in an attempt to...

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