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Administrative Ethic Paper

870 words - 4 pages

Administrative Ethics Paper
Tammy Gillespie
University of Phoenix
HCS 335
Webb Jones
July 18, 2011

Administrative Ethics Paper
Health care is among the most personal services rendered in our society today however to deliver this care a large amount of personnel must have access to intimate patient information. Maintaining confidentiality is becoming more difficult. The need to protect patient confidentiality is evident in legal restrictions imposed by state laws and the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPPA) and was recently amended under the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act.(politifact, 2011).
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The goal was to encourage the adoption of electronic medical records by doctors and hospitals. One disadvantage to this is the lack of powerful existing safeguards for patient information. So doctors, hospitals, and patients have doubt that their personally identifiable medical information will be protected. For the patient, the law represents a new civil right to privacy, giving them actionable recourse in the event that their private medical records are not respectively safeguarded. (Federal legislation, 2009). Electronic health information systems allow increased access and transmission to health data thus giving physicians access to all patient information in their network. This has become a challenge in respecting and honoring patient confidentiality. With the increase of technology in electronic health has helped increase the patient being treated better and safer.
Physicians should become familiar with laws involving the duty to maintain confidentiality. Any breach of confidentiality- even one that seems minor- can results in mistrust and possibly a lawsuit and/or disciplinary action. HIPPA privacy protection, as they currently stand, is insufficient in that they allow for the sale of patient information to third parties without written consent. The ARRA does begin to afford some protection in that regard by limiting the sale of records and the use of records for marketing and fundraising. According to the ACLU (2009) “section 13405(d) [ofARRA] creates an express prohibition on the sale of electronic health records or protected health information without a valid authorization from the patient. (ACLU,2009). The American College of Healthcare Executives believes that in addition to following all applicable state laws and HIPPA, healthcare executives have a moral and professional obligation to respect confidentiality and protect the security of patients’...

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