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Administrative Controls Essay

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How do Administrative Controls demonstrate “due care?”
First, the definition of “due care” is the care that a reasonable man would exercise under the circumstances; the standard for determining legal duty. In the case of an information system, due care is a legal yardstick used to examine whether an organization took reasonable precautions to protect the Confidence, Integrity, and Availability (CIA) of an information system in a court of law. Organizations use Administrative Controls whereas management creates policies, standards and guidelines as well as a training and enforcement programs to ensure that the policies, standards and guidelines are being followed in order to protect the CIA ...view middle of the document...

The Administrative Controls is the plan for protecting the information on an information system and the Technical and Physical controls are the physical measures and technical applications that actually prevent, detect and correct any type of information theft or loss. The strength of the Administrative Controls would directly influence the strength of Technical and Physical Controls. Weak Administrative Controls would lead to weak Technical and Physical Controls and the increase the potential for information theft or loss.

How would the absence of Administrative Controls affect projects in the IT department?
Absence of Administrative Controls basically would lead to an absence of standards. Projects within the IT department would be disparate and security measures would differ from system to system resulting in an incompatibility of systems. This incompatibility would ultimately result in a vulnerability to the project, creating a threat to the organizations network, and placing the...

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