Administrative And Customer Service Skills Essay

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Career Objective:
To utilize my administrative and customer service skills, experience and
knowledge while contributing to the success of the corporation.


Pinellas Technical Education Center - Certificate in Customer Service - 10/1997
St. Petersburg College - Seeking Degree in Business Administration -

Summary of Qualifications

*Excellent written and oral communication skills * Detail oriented * Motivated
self starter * Outstanding team player * Ability to Multi task * Research savvy
* Impressionable calmness under pressure * Working knowledge of Microsoft Office * Basic Knowedge of Document Direct * Basic Knowledge of AXS One ...view middle of the document...

and timely filed sales and use, gross receipts, franchise, excise tax, and annual reports
Responsible for keeping accurate numbers and detailed list of non profit
organizations to whom we contributed donations to
Completed Vendor Disburse Requests in order to pay bills that are coming due from
audit companies, software companies as well as any professional services
Updated Perk Reports for RJ Bank showing contributions that went out each month
Responsible for keeping a due dates calendar to ensue that all taxes and reports
go out promptly in an attempt to avoid penalty and interest fees. Successfully
and timely filed sales and use, gross receipts, franchise, excise tax, and
annual reports
Responsible for keeping accurate numbers and detailed list of non profit
organizations to whom we contributed donations to
Completed Vendor Disburse Requests in order to pay bills that are coming due from
audit companies, software companies as well as any professional services
Updating Perk Reports for RJ Bank showing contributions that went out each month

Customer Service/Loan Processor/Support Specialist, Clearwater, FL, Spherion Employment Agency,

Duties included but were not limited to:

Took incoming calls from potential customers wanting to place newspaper orders,
cancellations, and general questions
Successfully treated customers in a polite professional manner
Prevented cancellations using strategy's and offering promotions that fit the
customers need
Took incoming calls from insurance customers concerning their policies
Efficiently answered billing and coverage questions
Processed interest rate reduction loans
Obtained and reviewed credit reports from Data Fax
Assisted customer with obtaining DD214's from proper government officials
Reviewed bankruptcy letters, property titles, and other official documents
ensuring that is was correct and free of judgments
Dealt with customers in a polite professional manner
Ensured that loans were accurate and state guidelines were met.
Professionally answered and transferred incoming calls
Knowledgably answered caller questions and accurately took messages

Customer Service Representative/Insurance Processor/ Insurance Claims Processor,
St. Petersburg, FL, Kelly Services 01/95-04/13/06

Duties included but were not limited to:

Responsible for taking incoming calls from insured or claimant needing to file a
Kept log sheet updated after each call
Accurately entered information which included damage to vehicles or homes and
bodily injury
Timely entering new business in the system meeting all deadlines.
Uploaded commercial insurance quotes
Completed no money endorsements ensuring accuracy
Responsible for entering new assignments, faxing or emailing them to the
appraiser through CC Auto...

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