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Administration Development & Global Perspectives In 21st Century

984 words - 4 pages


Dr. S.B. Ambhore
Dept of Economics
Smt Dankuwar Mahila Mahavidalya Jalna

Suresh Shravan Patil

Arts, Commerce college Chanawad Nashik

The Indian economic scenario has taken an ‘U’ shape turn over the recent past. India has witnessed a stagnant, tranquil and well protected economy since last several decades. The Indian organizations are constantly striving to improve their managerial competence in today’s competitive global world.
To improve the productivity, Indian companies requires’ Management. Managerial activity ...view middle of the document...

, to tackle the problem spots.
Management development aims to make the organization matured; maturity organization development has six levels –
i) Systematic management development.
ii) Isolated tactical management development.
iii) Interpreted and co-ordinate structural development tactics.
iv) Management development strategy to implement corporate policy.
v) Management development strategy input to corporate policy formation.

Thus management development is the management of managerial careers in an organization context and managerial career as the biography of a person’s managerial work life. Management development concerned with improving the managerial expertise, knowledge, skill and job performance. Management development is the felt need of the day. In practice organizations culture should flow the top level of management to the lower level of employees.


i) Development is continuous process.
ii) Stages of progress like a education.
iii) There is no upper limit to the extent of development.
iv) Development involves applications of basic skill, learning has thus to be applied to problems in hand.

The first step in achieving management development is laying down the path of promotion in the organization.
If business administration and management is founded upon a science, if its practice is a profession, then in the 21st century we must expect its exponents to be men of high ability and perfect knowledge men who have graduated in their profession and are qualified thereby to be entrusted with the responsibilities which its practice imposes. If business in 21st century should not suffer from the pitfalls of the past, the developing of tomorrow’s managers needs a thorough knowledge of business administration. It is only through the creation of adequate managerial assets that the desired management reserve for tomorrow can be built up.
For last few years, considerable changes have taken place in the Indian economy due to the various measures taken by the Indian government. For the growth and for the development of India’s economy, management becomes necessary.
Management strives to secure the maximum result by the use of minimum resources. There is no “ideology”, no political...

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