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Administration Essay

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“An efficient, responsive, fair and effective bureaucracy is based on the principle of political neutrality”. With the aid of specific examples and relevant literature, support or refute this contention.

A bureaucrat is an unelected official whose main purpose is to serve the public interests to his maximum capacity, with efficiency, responsiveness, fairness and effectiveness. This can only be achieved if the bureaucrats are politically neutral, as politics extends further than core party politics, to relationships, religion, blood ties and ethnic groups. Politics leads to partiality, favoritism, appointment of unqualified bureaucrats and inaccessibility of these officials by the general ...view middle of the document...

These rules have to be followed to ensure efficiency, fairness and responsiveness .An example is the case alleged, which is, Minister Ignatius Chombo’s dismissal of the town councilors because of their failure to conform to the rules and regulations of public administration as they were now engaging in corruption and favoritism in allocating stands especially, for those of the same political parties as theirs .Thus, rules and regulations have to be followed ,which calls for one to be apolitical.

Because of being political, the bureaucrats may disregard the rules and regulations of the organization because they feel their political positions will protect them from prosecution. This causes unfairness, ineffectiveness, irresponsiveness and inefficiency. An example is the alleged case of Godfrey Tanyanyiwa of the Chitungwiza town council who is alleged to have stolen from the town council $80 000. This maybe because he knew that his political power as a member of the ruling party would protect him, which led him to do acts not conforming to the rules and regulations of bureaucracy.

Bureaucracy has to be apolitical to be able to encourage meritocracy, which is employment and promotion of highly qualified personnel for the office of public administration. If politics is involved, it will lead to employment of personnel who do not even qualify to the minimum requirement of the office. They would have been employed on the basis of them being relatives to the bureaucrats or being of the ruling political party. This creates the spoils system feared by Eaton 1880, which he says creates “a class of politicians to become powerful in high places ,who have not taken and who by nature are not qualified to take any large part in the social and education of the people”. George Williams Curtis 1884; 19 argues that the spoils system “exclude able and upright men from public life.” Thus, in Zimbabwe, the organization of Public Service Commission was devised. All who desire to become bureaucrats go to this organization and submit their qualifications and, after analysis of qualification, a suitable job is offered. This ensures fairness as all are given chances and only educational qualifications are necessary .This also ensures employment of able men who are able to work effectively, efficiently, responsively and fairly.

Politicians come and go, but bureaucrats outlive them. Thus, in a term of a bureaucrat, one might have to work under different political parties. Therefore, when he/she is political, and the political party of interest is ousted from power, the bureaucrat might find it difficult adapting to the new leader as they will differ in policies and ideals. This will lead to conflicts in the administration as the bureaucrat seeks to protect self-interests and political ideals which leads them to push for policies, not for the good of the people, but own self-interests like outwitting the other political party and not responding to public demands....

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