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Adjust Marketing Mix Essay

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Establishing and adjusting the marketing mix
Toyota Australia is the leading car manufacturer in Australia having a market share of 21% beating it competitors. The company has grown and developed from its establishment from Japan in 1937. Toyota Australia marketing mix followed the 4P's in establishing a brand that is renowned for its quality, innovation and services. They offered a wide range of vehicles which targeted the 30's to 40's age bracket and attempting to break into the gen y market. There price reflected the services and quality of manufacturing the vehicles, and the also offered consumers choice to add features. They mainly promote their brand through television, newspapers and ...view middle of the document...

They began to be commercially available in 1971 through Thiess Toyota who became commercial leaders in 1979. Then in 1988 the two companies merged to create the Toyota Motor Corporation Australia, which began a global competiveness and established an important export market. In 1994 the Toyota Altona Assembly Plant is opened and the Toyota corolla is the first car to be built in the plant.
Toyota's vision is to become the most respected and admired company, in the car industry
Their mission is to deliver high quality automotive products and services to their customers, and being actively involved with the community, partners and environment.
Various methods were used to conduct the review of Toyota's marketing mix. One of the methods used was conducting a survey, to find out what the public had in mind when it came to Toyota. These were handed out to random people passing by, and were asked to complete the survey anonymously. They were basic questions that required a bit of thinking from each individual as how they perceive Toyota as a brand. The survey contained a perceptual map which each person was ask to plot where they think a certain car brand fits.
The other methods that were used to gather research, was using online resources such as the Toyota website to get a better understanding of the company's direction and the range of products that they offered. The website was very insightful and was clear and easy to navigate, and was very informative.
Also the Australian Bureau of Statistics was used to gather information on sales and market share of all the major car companies in comparison to Toyota. This provided factual statistics and information that was very relevant in determining how Toyota fits in to Australia's car industry and market.
Results & Findings
. Perceptual Map of Car brands comparisons on Reliability vs. Durability
The sample result from the survey shows the perceptual map of how consumers compared Toyota and other brand of cars when it came to reliability and durability. The outcome of where Toyota is placed in the map is very high on its reliability and durability. Toyota's market strategy is to sell a top quality product that lasts. This grabs the consumer's attention when their looking to buy a car that is reliable and durable.
Toyota Motor Corporation is the largest vehicle manufacturer in the world. Toyota co-operates with 51 manufacturing companies in 26 nations, and sells its vehicles in over 170 countries under the Toyota, Lexus, Hino and Daihatsu brands.
Toyota leads the automotive industry in environmental technologies with their new innovative hybrid technology in their Prius and Hybrid Camry vehicles. They are also looking into the development of Fuel cell technology for future vehicles.
Toyota has in recent years dominant the Australian car market, with a market share around 21 percent (Fig.2) and is steadily rising with predictions that...

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