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Adjectives Essay

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Shun Tak Fraternal Association Cheng Yu Tung Secondary School Testimonial Reference
ABILITY outstanding excellent very good good able average inconsistent poor weak BEHAVIOUR helpful considerate well-behaved responsible thoughtless inconsiderate disruptive naughty problematic MATURITY confidential mature sensible self- motivated selfish shy childish immature lacks confidence PERSONALITY well developed all-round is interested in everything one-sided uneven lacks curiosity is dependent on others ATTITUDE positive enthusiastic eager motivated keen unmotivated passive lazy


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Initiative: brilliant, enterprising, inspiring, striking; nil, venturous, confident; unenterprising, lacking. Punctuality: excellent, punctual, regular; irregular, late, early (the last two words may be modified by) always, frequently, often, generally, seldom, sometimes, rarely, scarcely, never. Attendance: excellent, regular; irregular.


f. 2.

Administrative ability a. Mental capacity: able, clever, brilliant, sagacious, inventive, shrewd, sharp, talented, ingenious, versatile; smart, sensible, crafty, subtle, intriguing; unimaginative, dull, normal, plain, stupid, dry intelligent, thoughtful, imaginative. Judgment : sound, circumspect, cautious, careful, reliable, discreet, realistic, incapable of independent thinking, discerning, meticulous, prudent, shrewed; calm, polite, un-ruffled, level-headed, cool- headed, candid, sincere, frank, direct, out-spoken; hasty, timid, vague, unreliable, presumptuous, rash, impulsive, indiscreet, hypercritical, hot- headed, blunt, unreserved, confused, shows-prejudice, analytical, undependable, practical, reserved, independent, balanced, logical, coherent. Professional ability: efficient, resourceful, proficient, competent, average, masterly, ingenious, capable, talented; experienced, normal, improving; raw, inexperienced, incapable, degenerated, of narrow- interest. Interest shown in work: enthusiastic, keen, lively, enterprising, meticulous, devoted, zealous, earnest, sanguine, ardent, fervent; natural, confident, steady, patient; apathetic, phlegmatic, sluggish, languid, careless, inattentive, irresponsible, complaisant, easy- going, unsteady.






Capacity for organization, including ability to get good work from subordinates: systematic, enterprising, brilliant, shrewd, superficial, masterly, businesslike, methodical, able, orderly; rash, inconsistent, unimaginative, unenterprising, confus ed, disagreeable, tactful, accommodating, inspiring, reassuring; condescending, repulsive, selfish, haughty, tactless, irritating, disagreeable, quarrelsome, unpleasant, hypercritical, sarcastic, annoying, exacting, impatient, unpleasant, irritable, provoking, intolerant, conceited, stern, harsh. a. Ability to co-operate with H/M: polite, cordial, courteous, respectful, co-operative, deferential, conciliatory; provocative, tactless, sarcastic, discontented, mettlesome, troublesome, irreverent, querulous, servile, saucy, precocious, touchy, surly.


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Ability to co-operate with others: popular, friendly, amicable, harmonious, pleasing, cordial, sincere, sociable, tactful, humble, obliging, modest, convivial, congenital; difficult, civil, tactless, unpopular, proud, incooperative, sneering, contemptuous, selfish, inconsiderate, helpful, sociable, amiable; spiteful, timid, egotistic, secluded, jovial, sympathetic.


Special aptitudes: musical, artistic, scientific, mathematical, dexterous, systematic, entertaining, mechanically-...

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