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Addressing The Nursing Shortage Essay

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Addressing the Nursing Workforce Shortage

After researching the current and future state of the nursing workforce, there are many issues regarding the nursing workforce that should be addressed at the upcoming retreat. To begin, the reason for emphasis on the nursing workforce is that nurses constitute the largest group among the health service providers (Barton, 2010), as you very well may be aware. Without considering implications that affect the largest group of the workforce, the organization will not be able to strategically plan for the shift of the nursing shortage currently at-hand.
First, we must consider the current workforce distribution of nurses. A national survey by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing and The Forum of State Nursing Workforce Centers in 2013, indicates ...view middle of the document...

If issues regarding the lack of faculty and training continue, similar to the rate as reported in 2010 with 80,000 qualified applicants being denied entry to nursing schools due to lack of faculty (ANA: Increased Investment Needed to Produce 1.1 Million RNs, Head Off Nursing Shortage, 2014), the number of nurses may very well not meet the growing demand needed as the population ages.

While considering the growing need for nurses currently, this organization must stay ahead of the trends and look ahead to plan for the even greater shortage to come. It has been cited that the nation is expecting a national shortfall of 260,000 registered nurses by 2025 (Egenes, 2012). At a time of nursing shortage, we must not forget the effects of low nurse to patient ratios. If this issue is not addressed, the quality of care will be directly affected due to the nursing shortage. In fact, poor patient outcomes, such as pneumonia and cardiac arrest, are directly related to low nurse staffing (Martin, 2015). These adverse outcomes of low staffing alone cost hospitals more than $9 billion a year (Martin, 2015). At the heart of each organization, including ours, patient quality of care should be the first concern. By focusing on ways to address the nursing shortage, the largest group of health service providers, the biggest impact can be made on patient quality and safety.


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