Addressing The Challenges Of Groups And Teams

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Addressing the Challenges of Groups and Teams
University of Phoenix
March 22, 2010

Addressing the Challenges of Groups and Teams
With today’s large corporations using the team approach to complete projects and increase production, chances for poor group cohesion and ineffectiveness exists. Different behavioral styles, influences, education, and ways of thinking can hinder production, leading to poor outcomes, and even scandal. The worldwide telecommunications company WorldCom first handedly became the biggest corporate bankruptcy case at the time when on June 25, 2002, admitted to inflating earnings by $3.8 billion. The CEO, Bernie Ebbers was sentenced to 25 ...view middle of the document...

Additionally, the plan will promote an atmosphere where the utmost ethical behavior is present as to prevent any more corporations from taking advantage of its employees unknowingly involved in corporate scandal.
The team forum indicated necessary characteristics of a cohesive team which promotes autonomy, good communication, the importance of collaboration, and conflict management techniques. A plan will include a time line, training goals, objectives, learning activities, documentation/evidence of learning, and an evaluation (McNamara, 2010).
The timeline addressed in the team forum implies an approximate six week learning session prior to the formation of teams so that enough time is available to address the necessary fundamentals needed for a cohesive team. The allotted timeline is necessary to ensure that workshops, coaching, and role playing are addressed to maximize the training plan.
The goals of the training are aimed at increasing team communication, collaboration, promotion of ethical behavior, and conflict management. McNamara (2010) states the goals should incorporate two to four learning objectives which are specific to the organization and not used from another developed plan. The goals determined by the group in terms of benefits of communication, collaboration, and conflict are to instill trust, integrate solutions, and merge insights from people with different perspectives (Robbins & Judge, 2007). Challenges from the goals include poor communication skills, or misinterpretation of information, and people afraid to address any wrong-doing since fear is instilled.
Learning objectives for the plan will incorporate what will be learned from completing these objectives (McNamara, 2010). The plan’s objectives are to address the challenges and benefits in communication, collaboration, conflict management, and ethical behavior.
The learning activities will promote application to the specific goals addressed in the plan. Whether through role playing, scenarios, or verbal discussions, the learning activities describe what the team will do to achieve the goal of the group.
Documentation or evidence of learning will provide evidence produced during the learning activities. McNamara (2010) states these results are tangible such as a written self-evaluation or a SWOT analysis. Additionally, behavioral assessments provide insight into each member’s behavioral styles to facilitate a knowledge base of what kind of people works the best together, and how to deal with others...

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