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Addressing Scenario Essay

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In this Exercise, you will explain IP addres components, contrast classful and classless IP addressing, and explain the function of DNS and DHCP.
Assignment Requirements
Respond to the following scenario with design considerations and recommendations:
You are a IT Administrator for a newly founded company and have been tasked with designing an IP addressing scheme and a plan for allocation and management of IP addresses.
The company will currently have a single, physical location with approximately 145 hosts (computers, printers, etc.) IT plans should accommodate 50% growth within the next two years.
At a minimum, address these specific questions, in addition to any other ...view middle of the document...

CIDR creates a hierarchical addressing structure by breaking the network address into CIDR blocks, which are identified by the leading bit string, similar to the classful addressing just described.

To understand
the importance of DNS and how it functions within a Window Server 2008 networking environment, you must first understand the following components of DNS
* DNS Namespace
* DNS Zones
* Types of DNS name servers
* DNS resource records
* The DNS namespace is a hierarchical, tree-structured namespace, starting at an unnamed root used for all DNS operations. There are Root level domains, Top-level domains, second-level domains and subdomains. DNS uses a fully qualified domain name to map a host to an IP address. One benefit of the hierarchical structure of DNS is that it is possible to have two hosts with the same host names that are in different locations in the hierarchy. Another benefit of the DNS hierarchy structure is that workload for name resolution is distributed across many different resources, through the use of DNS caching, DNS zones, and delegation of authority through the use of appropriate resource records.
DHC is an open, industry-standard protocol that reduces the complexity of administering networks based on TCP/IP. It provides a mechanism for automatically assigning IP addresses and reusing them when they are no longer needed by the...

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