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Addressing Risk Behaviors Essay

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Addressing Behavioral Risk Factors: Smoking Among Adolescents

Behavioral risk factor intervention is quite a challenging task because it involves addressing multiple issues which facilitate risky behaviors (Kovner and Knickman, 2011). In fact, implementing interventions on a societal scale is quite difficult because social, cultural, and physical environment hinder against change. Nevertheless, behavioral risk factor interventions can be devised and implemented in innovative ways to ensure successful outcomes. The objective of this essay is to discuss cigarette smoking among adolescents and how it is affecting our community, and also to present ...view middle of the document...

Nevertheless, in upstream intervention, there has to be a combination of initiatives since one initiative cannot be effective on its own. Higher taxation on cigarettes is one way of reducing the prevalence of cigarettes since many teens will be discouraged to spend money on cigarettes. In fact, more businesses will be unable to support cigarette consumption since more people will walk away from the habit. Restricting access of cigarettes among adolescents is also a very important part of the intervention. There has to be tough punishments for store owners who actually sell tobacco products to adolescents. Combining these two intervention strategies has been proven to provide viable results. For example, the Canadian government implemented these intervention strategies and consequently, during a span of 30 years the prevalence of smoking in Canada dropped from 50% to just fewer than 20% (Health Canada, 2006).
Midstream Intervention
Midstream interventions take place within the community level and they can involve the local media, school systems, and other community based programs. To reduce and prevent adolescent smoking at this level, school systems need to provide educational campaigns related to teaching adolescents the downside of smoking. In fact, school systems and the local media can unite to conduct anti smoking campaigns within the community. The local media hold a lot of influencing power because it has many connections to celebrities who can give such campaigns much needed publicity and relevance.

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