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Addiction Models Essay

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Effective Components in Determining Substance Use Behavior
Crystal Ramsey
Liberty University

Effective Components in Determining Substance Use Behavior
Addiction is regarded as having a multitude of causations and contributing factors. No single specific component or model can accurately predict a person’s substance use behavior (Clinton & Scalise, 2013). Substance use disorders are a reflection of the impact of person-specific biological, psychological, and social influences. Understanding an individual’s spiritual beliefs and the role spirituality plays in a person’s susceptibility to addiction is also necessary. If a spirituality component is absent in a person's life, addiction ...view middle of the document...

The existence of a genetic component does not guarantee addiction nor does its absence guard an individual against addiction (Doweiko, 2015).
The factors of the psychological model are personality, motivation, and include the integration of the moral, learning, and coping theories. The moral model states that the individual and their decisions are the leading cause of substance use and addiction (Clinton & Scalise, 2013). The model is founded on the idea that each person has free will. Addicts are frequently regarded as weak-minded, with a poor strength of will or other moral inadequacies (Clinton & Scalise, 2013). The learning theory indicates people learn to participate in the abuse of chemicals in a social environment. Under regular circumstances, the human brain is continuously pursuing new knowledge and experiences. Substance-induced euphoria reinforces the learning process, and the unpredictable effects of each chemical abused provide an element of curiosity for the user (Doweiko, 2015). The coping systems theory suggests substance abuse becomes learned coping mechanisms for people who suffer from psychological disorders. Individuals in anguish use chemicals to numb themselves to emotional pain or self- medicate to alleviate anxiety. Also, the most distinct coping defense mechanisms used by people with substance abuse problems are denial, rationalization, projection, and minimization. There has been minimal criticism of these theories because these ideas do explain many of the occurrences exhibited by individuals with addiction (Doweiko, 2015).
The social model of addiction tries to recognize and repair systematic problems within society that could impact a person’s choice about substance use (Doweiko, 2015). Cultural, environmental, and family components of a person’s life are all a part of the social model. These influences can either enable the development of addiction or increase resistance against addiction. For instance, in distinct cultures and environments, the manufacture, sale, and distribution of illicit drugs are considered as acceptable behaviors for a person to prosper and gain respect (Doweiko, 2015). Social aspects such as poverty, community immersion, unemployment, and family structure either influence or...

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