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Addiction Essay

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Is addiction a disease? This question has been debated upon for several years yet a final conclusion was never made. In the passage "Ain't Misbehavin'", Stanley Peele argues that addiction is not a disease since it has never been proved to be it. He tries to support his point by stating general differences between addictions and diseases and defending other authors' statements. He says that if addiction is accepted as a disease then it creates a world where anything could be excusable. However, his claims are confusing and do not have enough supporting points to understand the concept better. Stanley Peele starts his argument by disagreeing to the statement that says most people in America ...view middle of the document...

Stanley Peele also points out that addiction as a disease has spread widely to include not only chemical addiction but also addiction to things such as overeating, under eating, shopping and fornication. Stanley Peele supports this argument by using an article written in the Newsweek about the Boston Red Sox third baseman, Wade Boggs. Wade Boggs had apparently been sued for twelve million dollars by a woman who had long provided him companionship on road trips. In explaining the connection, Boggs said that he was "addicted to sex." In response to this, his former mistress responded "I guess what I though was love was just a disease." As seen, Stanley Peele is trying to use another author's article to prove that his statement and his conclusion are correct.Finally, Stanley Peele states that increasing the influence of the disease model of addiction has serious effects for the American society. Yet again, he does not specifically say what effects the disease model of addiction has on American society. He even states that the more psychologists and attorneys tend to dismiss the forms of misbehavior as an uncontrollable urge, the less people are held responsible for their actions, even if they harmed people. However, not all psychologists and attorneys in general tend to dismiss all of the behavioral problems addicts face. There are some professionals who consider and treat addiction as a serious issue instead of just...

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