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Adapting Confucianism Essay

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If I were to adapt a philosophy, I would adapt Confucianism, because it sets as a good example for others to follow. A lot of people can follow the five key relationships which are: ruler and ruled, wife and husband, older brother and younger brother, friend and friend, and father and son. By adapting this philosophy, we should put in mind that it started in China approximately 550 B.C.E., its original language is Mandarin and Cantonese, its belief is both a religion and a philosophy of China, and it stresses human conduct over belief in God.

I would like to adapt this philosophy because as a Paulinian, we should always have our full faith, heart, and soul to God, which Confucianists also do. Confucianism has only one god, which helps people ...view middle of the document...

As a student, we should always remember to show appreciation to our teachers, parents, and those who helped us in our lives. Like the Confucianists, they show their appreciation by having holidays like Chinese New Year, Teacher Day, and Ancestor Day.

If I were to compare our faith with theirs, I could say that we still lack some more faith, because Confucianists goes to the temple to worship and pay homage to Ti'en (god of heaven), Confucius, and to their Ancestors, also they practice 'Quiet Sitting' or 'Jingle zuo', while some of us does not go to church and does not celebrate mass because we don't have time, which is not an acceptable reason. That is why I hope people will always go to the church, especially during Sundays and celebrate mass together with their family, like what the Confucianists do. This philosophy is not just about how you treat other people, but it also has a lot of scriptures like the Analects of Confucius, Ching Doctrine of Mean, and more. Despite all of its positive examples, there is still one trait that I do not like, and that is how they treat women during Confucianism, because they treat women inferior to men. Unlike in Taoism, they treat women equally like how they treat men. And while we are still young, we should already do our best in doing good deeds towards others, because after our death, our soul will be worshipped as part of the ancestors and to be worshipped by one's descendants and their family, and it is better that they know and worship you because of the right actions you have done.

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