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Adam’s Case Essay

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(a) Keywords used: dyslexia children and teaching and parent
(b) No. of returns from PsycINFO: 20
(c) Full reference to the article: McPhillips, T., & Shevlin, M. (2009). Evaluating the teaching and learning experience for the child with dyslexia in special and mainstream settings in Ireland. Support for Learning, 24(2), 63-72.
(d) Summary of the study
Objectives: Examined and evaluated special provision for pupils with dyslexia in three settings (reading schools, reading units and mainstream support) in Ireland.
Methods: There are three groups of participants, including students with dyslexia in three settings in Ireland, 72 teachers supporting those students and 63 parents of those students. The study incorporated a survey approach (including questionnaires, focus group discussions, interviews and classroom observations) and a case-study approach (two cases for each model of those children from six schools were selected).
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Adam’s visual problem has long-term effect on his learning ability which hasn’t been discovered and dealt with at his early stage of education. School teachers and principal perceived him as “not college material” and provided an inappropriate learning environment to him, especially the isolated reading moment, which not only failed to enable Adam to progress in literacy, but also negatively influenced his self-esteem and social support.
Skills-based ‘bottom-up’ model of literacy teaching
Based on the study of McPhillips and Shevlin, Adam’s dyslexic problem does not imply that he could not learn effectively. Skills-based ‘bottom-up’ model of literacy teaching method could be adopted. It emphasized the phonic skills and use of structured reading schemes, such as spelling, hearing individual reading and phonic in order to replace “reading by eyes” by “reading by ears”.
The misunderstanding on the real needs and core problems lead to helplessness of Adam. According to the study, children expressed that it is hard to learn in mainstream setting without appropriate arrangement and assistance. Parents reported with such teaching strategies, children obviously improved their confidence and attitude in reading.
After Adam’s mother tried to find another school to provide alternative teaching practices for him, improvement is happened and Adam began to pay effort in his study. Parents still worried that this unusual school played an important role in providing a protective factor to him but could not help him to adapt to the larger harsh world.
Integration of dyslexic children in mainstream setting
This study highlighted the importance of integration of dyslexic children in mainstream setting and benefits made by special setting could be transferred by collaboration between teachers in special setting and mainstream. It stated that children could make more progress through integration than intensive individualized support. It illuminates that those children including Adam should be capable of adapting the harsh world. Although those children may not be performing the same as their peers, they could find their ways to compensate their insufficiency in the reality and eventually may perform as well as others.

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