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Ad Agency Report

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Ad Agency Report
Jodie L. Hebner
Grantham University
GSD&M was established in 1971 in Austin, TX by a group of men who did not want to leave the area after graduating from the University of Texas. Over the years the company has went through many ups and downs while embracing many challenges to become one of the top 30 advertising agencies in the United include opening and operating a second location in Chicago, IL. GDS&M is owned by third largest advertising agency in the world, Omnicom Group. (Answers, n.d) The company has now grown to have over 500 employees who help the company promote many popular organizations to include Wal-Greens, the Air Force, AT&T, John ...view middle of the document...

Finally the last of the four creative ideas is “don’t just package your clients; make your clients a package”. “Like painting a Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 with a giant likeness of Shamu, the featured act at Anheuser-Busch's Sea World theme park -- a cross-promotion that generated an estimated $12 million in free publicity for both clients.” (Imperato, 1997) The strategy to use one advertisement to promote two organizations was an awesome opportunity.
GSD&M has several strengths when it comes to competing with other major advertising agencies to secure major accounts that are worth millions of dollars. GSD&M has been around for 42 years showing that the organization is resilient to change. The company has grown from a 50 square foot office to 3 acres in the downtown Austin area. The company is listed as one of the top 30 organizations in the United States; this makes the organization a respected marketing agency that can help any organization. GSD&M values both their customers and employees, by valuing their customers and employees the organization makes a valuable bond between helping to create the best ads available.
GSD&M has a purpose that they as an organization have been using even before mandated by the Association of National Advertisers. “We pioneered the principle, and identifying a company’s core Purpose is step one in our relationship with them.” (GSD&M, n.d) GSD&M believes that purpose is greater than marketing, that it is what guides the business when it comes to decision-making, when handling difficult situations, and assist with motivating employees to provide the best service possible.
GSD&M uses unique ideas when creating marketing ideas for their customers. For example, the company was able to paint a southwest airline jet to resemble a shamu whale. This marketing idea was a two-fold idea creating advertising for both Southwest Airlines and Sea World. GDS&M uses several grassroots marketing ideas to include Facebook, Twitter, Curiosity Blog, and YouTube to reach the broadest consumer network possible. “By engaging with each other, brands indirectly expose themselves to new followers by creating unlikely associations.” (Baily, 2013)
GSD&M has an extensive customer list to include Wal-Greens who has for the first time in the organizations history started donating life-threating vaccines to children in third world countries therefore helping mankind. Southwest Airlines advertises no baggage fees, more direct flights added frequently. Goodyear is the national tire for NASCAR, this is their most demanding customer even though all-weather tires are the second popular Goodyear item. Some of the other names represented by GSD&M are John Deere, Campbells, L.L.Bean, Air Force, PGA Tour, & Jarritos. GSD&M represents a very broad base of organizations from a pharmaceutical company to entertainment such as Austin City Limits and Caesar Entertainment to clothing brands, Lee, to the...

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