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Implementing Windows Server 2003 Active Directory
Judith Che
Strayer University of Maryland

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Judith Che, Strayer University of Maryland.
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Company’s today relay on good networking in order for their business to grow and succeed. A system engineer requires the ability, knowledge, and skill to plan and manage today’s networking which faces an ever-increasing variety of applications. We need to be skilled and informed to manage a network running Windows Server 2003 Active Directory. Present day networking administrators have difficulties ensuring that ...view middle of the document...

In the world today, the evolution of technology is sky rocketing and active directory provides an organization’s network environment greater flexibility in its design, managing and deploying an organization’s directory. Active directory provides all these services and features which is very important in today’s network environment as directory-enabled applications are developed everyday. Active directory is the native directory service included in Windows server 2003 and Microsoft Windows 2000 server operating system. Microsoft’s active directory is a directory service that allows users and computers to communicate or look up information’s in the network such as users, phone numbers, and email addresses. In addition, active directory provides centralized and secured management of an entire network environment whether in a building, a city or many sites around the world. Active directory plays a crucial role in an organization’s network environment because the information stored in the active directory must be correct and secured to enable the proper functioning or operation of the organization. Active directory stores information like user account that stores user’s identification profiles on the network, which are a collection of user account that uses the same resources and require access to these resources. Active directory also plays an important role in defining security policies, these security policies determine how password are handled, and the encryption of data. Active directory is important to an organization’s network environment because it provides better services and features that include a proper logon and password authentication for users, a vital central point for storing data, organizing, controlling and managing their network objects for example, their users, groups and computers. In addition, active directory acts as a single point of administration of objects in an organization including their users, groups and computers and all their active directory-published resources such as shared files and printers. Active directory provides an organizations network environment with delegation of administration that allows decentralization of active directory objects such as groups and users. A system engineer for an organization that uses Windows Server 2003 Active Directory has two goals in mind; one, to ensure that the network resources like printers, folders and files are available to users. Secondly, network by granting the proper permission to users.
Active Directory is a crucial tool for an organization because it provides a solid foundation for other services, which is cost efficient for the organization and in turn allows the company to centrally manage their network environment. As a system engineer, when moving into a centrally managed, highly integrated IT network environment that supports cost efficient and effective delivery of business capabilities and solutions; we need to first look at Active Directory.

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