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Actions To Take Whan Abuse Is Supected

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Actions to take when Abuse is suspected:

All reports of potential abuse or neglect of a person made to or within any organisation are referred to the local ‘safe guarding adults’ procedures.

If a report is made that a service being provided is not safe (e.g. where a member of staff may be abusing service users, one service user is abusing another or the service is run in such a way as to cause neglect, immediate positive action is taken to assess any risk and appropriately enhance the safety of all service users.

Good practice:

• Remaining calm and not showing shock or disbelief
• Listening carefully to what is being said
• Not asking detailed or probing questions
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The suspicion/allegation/incident should be reported to the line manager as soon as possible and in any event with in two hours

A written factual record must be kept of all concerns or discussions about the protection and safe guarding of the vulnerable adult including decisions made and the reason for those decisions. This includes written factual records of discussions regarding the allegations and the action taken.

The vulnerable adult should be advised and/or reminded of the limits to confidentiality as soon as it becomes apparent that there is an allegation or suspicion of harm or abuse. If the vulnerable adult is the complainant and it quickly becomes apparent that the situation may need to go further, we are advised to listen, make notes and keep questions to the minimum necessary to understand what is being alleged.

Staff must avoid asking leading questions as these may cause problems for the subsequent investigations and any court proceedings. (Leading questions are those which suggest the answer to the respondent) The emphasis...

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