Actions Results Swot Resume' Essay

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Unit One Actions Results SWOT Resume'
Kaplan University
School of Business
MT460 Management Policy and Strategy
Author: Kasey Kitchens
Professor: Dr. Norris
February 3, 2014

Actions Results SWOT Resume'

A SWOT analysis can be used to tell an employee as well as an employer whether he or she will be a good fit for the business. A SWOT analysis can be used to gain knowledge and it can be used as a way to set goals to better a person. When there is a need to identify issues or problems that an employee is willing to work hard to change those issues. It can aid someone who wants to reaffirm his or her goals as well as make a comparison to see if he or she had made any progress ...view middle of the document...

criteria examples Advantages of proposition? Capabilities? Competitive advantages? USP's (unique selling points)? Resources, Assets, People? Experience, knowledge, data? Financial reserves, likely returns? Marketing - reach, distribution, awareness? Innovative aspects? Location and geographical? Price, value, quality? Accreditation, qualifications, certifications? Processes, systems, IT, communications? Cultural, attitudinal, behavioral? Management cover, succession?Philosophy and values? | Strengths I am a fast learner, I can learn new tasks after one day of training. I have work experience in the field.I recently graduated, I have skills and training that are currently being used in the field.         I am fluent in English and Spanish.I have fifteen years of experience as a team leader I pride myself on remaining professional no matter the situation.                         | Weaknesses I have difficulty trusting someone else with really important tasks.I can be a little too stern at times, even if it is not my intention.I expect everyone to be like me when it pertains to meeting quotas and exceeding expectations.I finish projects or tasks quickly, this makes it difficult for others to meet his or her production.When I am asked to present an idea, I go overboard by presenting ideas for other departments outside of my department. | criteria examples Disadvantages of proposition? Gaps in capabilities? Lack of competitive strength? Reputation, presence and reach? Financials? Own known vulnerabilities? Timescales, deadlines and pressures? Cash flow, start-up cash-drain? Continuity, supply chain robustness? Effects on core activities, distraction? Reliability of data, plan predictability? Morale, commitment, leadership? Accreditation, etc? Processes and systems, etc? Management cover, succession? |
criteria examples Market developments? Competitors' vulnerabilities? Industry or lifestyle trends? Technology development and innovation? Global influences? New markets, vertical, horizontal? Niche target markets? Geographical, export, import? New USP's? Tactics: eg, surprise, major contracts? Business and product development? Information and research? Partnerships, agencies, distribution? Volumes, production, economies? Seasonal, weather, fashion influences? | Opportunities I will continue my education, so I can advance in my field.I have developed a network of contacts within and around my community.I add to the bilingual competencies within my organization.Obtaining an upper management position.      | Threats My boss is teaching me the ins and outs of running my own business.I face age discrimination as well as discrimination because of disability.Difficulty in career advancement when job opportunities are not available.Outsourcing of jobs to areas with cheaper labor. | criteria examples Political effects? Legislative effects? Environmental effects? IT developments? Competitor intentions - various? Market demand? New technologies, services,...

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