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Action Plan For Teacher Intervention Essay

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Action Plan for Teacher Intervention
Developing an action plan for a student in a particular content area is not a simple task. The teacher must first assess the student to see where his/her weaknesses are and then must decide what the best course of action would be to strengthen those weaknesses. Given the opportunity to observe and assess a kindergarten student, I was able to conclude where his weaknesses were in reading and develop a four week action plan that would help him to get on the right track to achieving his academic goals in reading. The components that needed to be addressed were: phonemic awareness, word study and fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. The action plan will ...view middle of the document...

By providing the action plan above, over a four week period of time, the student should be able to progress on these academic goals. By understanding the words he is reading, knowing how to pronounce them correctly, and reading with the right...

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