Act One Of William Shakespeare's The Tempest

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Act One of William Shakespeare's The Tempest

The Tempest is written by William Shakespeare it is the last complete
play that he is believed to have written. The Tempest is unlike any
other play that he has written because it follows the unities. The
unites are the principles of drama established by ancient Greeks. The
play must be in the space of one day, all of the action must relate to
the main plot and all happen in the same place.

The Tempest means storm, which is a symbol for change. Because at the
beginning of a storm it is always dark and cloudy, however after the
storm has ended it is bright and the air is fresh.

The theme of the play ...view middle of the document...

He has done this to tell us that
only the people with names will appear later on in the play.

The audience is also able to get an impression of the characters on
board. Antonio and Sebastian are rude “A pox o' your throat…” They are
inconsiderate and selfish. Gonzalo on the other hand appears as the
peacemaker. Alonzo is worried but still courteous “good boatswain have

Scene two introduces the inhabitants of the island. It also gives us
the background to the play. We also learn about the people in the
first scene about who they are and what have done to prospero in the
past. It also answers some of the questions raised in scene one. We
are also told about his brother Antonio and how he betrayed him to
become duke of Milan.

The long speech in which Prospero talks about his past; he risks
boring the audience. However several times during the speech he
demands Miranda’s attention even though she is already listening.
Prospero is actually demanding the attention of the audience. When
Prospero is talking about his past he uses very short sentences, he
has waited 12 years to resolve the situation. He shows his emotions to
the audience by using visual language and making images in our heads
“The ivy which had hid my princely trunk”. Re-living the memory makes
him angry and upset, this causes the words to tumble out of his mouth
“out o’th substitution”. This shows he is very much in a hurry to tell
his story, for which he has waited such a long time.

After Prospero’s long, informative, speech; Ariel enters the play in a
light and happy mood. Immediately you are aware that Ariel is of the
Supernatural world because he can fly and dive into fire. Another
thing that is made aware to the audience is that Ariel is Prospero’s
servant and enters at his call “Approach, my Ariel come”.

Prospero is pleased to see Ariel for having carried out his task. He
praises Ariel for his work “My brave spirit”. However Prospero’s mood
soon changes when Ariel asks for his freedom; Prospero begins to curse
him “Malignant thing” and remind him of the past when he was under...

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