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Investigating the effects of acid rain in the growth of cress seedlings IntroductionAcid rain is rain or any other form of precipitation, which is unusually acidic. It has harmful effects on plants, animals and buildings. Acid rain is mostly caused by human emissions of sulphur and nitrogen compounds which react in the atmosphere to produce acids.Acid rain can slow the growth of vulnerable forests and cause leaves and needles to turn brown and fall off. In addition, it depletes minerals from the soil and then it stunts the growth of the plant. Some of the most dramatic effects on forests have been observed in Europe. In 1983, a survey in West Germany showed that 34 % of the country's total ...view middle of the document...

Place a piece cotton wool disc in each Petri dish.2. Place 20 cress seedlings equally in each Petri dish, on the cotton wool.3. Pour 7cm3 of distilled water in all three.4. Place them in the window cill.5. Three days later, record heights of stems and pH.6. Transfer the cotton wool containing the seedlings to each new Petri dish.7. Pour 7cm3 of water in a separate Petri dish and label it “control”.8. Pour 7cm3 of strong sodium metabisulphite solution in another Petri dish and label it “strong”.9. Pour 7cm3 of weak sodium metabisulphite solution in another Petri dish and label it “weak”.10. Place these three Petri dishes alongside a Petri dish containing seedlings and place everything inside a transparent plastic container.11. Place the sealed plastic bags in a well-lit area of the laboratory where they will be exposed to the same light intensity and temperature.12. Check the seedlings one week after and record observations (condition, colour), heights of stem and pH once more.ResultspH:StrongWeakControlBeforeAfter6.5Height of stem:Strong Acid (+/- 1ml)Weak Acid (+/- 1ml)Control (+/- 1ml)Without acidic solutionAfter acidic solutionWithout acidic solutionAfter acidic solutionWithout acidic solutionAfter acidic...

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