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Acid Rain Essay

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Surviving Acid Rain
Rajwinder Munder

ENG 1121
Professor Murphy
May 5th, 2015

Thesis Statement: With the increase of pollution of industry, acid rain has become a serious problem in the world today.
Main Point: Acid rain has been a threat to the world’s ecosystems and its people, becoming one of the most dangerous forms of pollution today.
5 year study of rainwater chemistry in a coastal megacity in south china takes place specifically in Shen Zhen and scientists discovered and found out that there was a strong anthropogenic pollution in the rain water.
In the eBook Plankton culprit turn clear lakes to jelly it was revealed that acid ...view middle of the document...

It has been affecting the ecosystem of this planet and our people. Acid rain has become an environmental concern of global importance within the last decade. You may be wondering what acid rain is like. Acid rain looks, feels, and tastes exactly like normal rain, but it is very different and very dangerous. Acid rain is caused by chemical reaction in the rains water that originates from pollution. With the increase of pollution by industries, acid rain has become a serious problem in the world today.
As industries around the world dump waste in the ocean or underground, they are constantly endangering the life around the area. We even might find ourselves ignoring the fact that these things are happening around us and this waste will one day evaporate and hinder us. We don’t realize its effect until we experience it happen to us. Patricia Graces’ story “Butterflies” displays a message about nature that we don’t know what really happens to animals or nature until we experience it happen. "She said butterflies are beautiful creatures. (...) They visit all the pretty flowers, she said. They lay their eggs and then they die. You don't kill a butterfly, that’s what she said." Her grandfather then answers that the teacher probably gets all her cabbages from the supermarket. The message from this story is that we must stop the things that we are aware that will ruin or destroy you or nature.
 If we ignore acid rain, nothing will be done to control or stop it and we will continue to suffer from its consequences. Nobody should have to suffer the consequences of something they have not done. In Jack London’s’ story “To build a fire”, he explains that we must not mess with Mother Nature or ignore the consequences. The protagonist of “To Build a Fire” is no wimp. In fact, he’s very tough but is a little too confident, and he doesn’t really appreciate the things around him in nature. We have a main character whose hands get so frozen he has to try and light a fire by holding a match in between his wrists. London tells us that no matter how safe we feel inside our homes, there is a brutal nature out there. “Well, at least I can still feel my fingers.” I believe this sentence sums up basically everything. Nature has put limits on our stealth. We are not powerful enough to face its consequences. Acid rain has an extremely negative impact on our society, so I believe industries around the world need to take a strong precaution before dumping wastes into the waste or underground.
Acid rain is the result of industrial pollution that causes rainwater to carry small quantities of acid such as sulphuric and nitric acid. Contaminated rainwater is killing fish and other organisms and are also damaging plants, and trees. After all, acid rain limits global warming by reducing methane release from natural wetland areas, said by a global climate study. The article “Now or Never” by Bill McKibben suggests that global warming is getting stronger when carbon dioxide...

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