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Achieving Project Goals Simulation Essay

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Achieving Project Goals Simulation

Businesses use projects to focus on the way strategies can be put into action to meet the objectives of a business. Through project management, businesses can establish stated objectives and perform the tasks on the project with the knowledge in completing the strategies that aligned with goals of leadership. Project management is designed to make better use of existing resources by getting work to flow horizontally as well as vertically within the company (Kerzner, 2006, pg. ). As part of project management I had the chance to understand how to apply the proper decision-making techniques by completing this simulation. The simulation ...view middle of the document...

The decisions that were made by me were not the best decisions. The first step in the simulation made me realize that the sequence of activities play a huge part in the success of the project to prevent unforeseen problems due to lack of planning. In the second step of the simulation, as project manager I had to make a decision on an activity to compress the project cycle time and still meet the constraints of time and safety. One of the two trailers transporting the elephants was delayed because it broke down en-route to the airport. Listening to the advice of the senior leadership, I made an optimal decision by requesting for a new trailer truck and taking a shortcut. This decision resulted in a 60-minute time delay but gain 40 minutes by taking a shortcut. This step exposes me to issues that arise during a project life cycle which can affect the timeline of the project. In the third step of the simulation, I had to select an appropriate activity that would minimize risk to the elephants due to a big storm hitting Ungabo making it impossible for the airplane to land on schedule. By taking into account resources that are available and listening to senior leadership, I choose to circle the Ungoba airport. This decision allowed the plane to refuel in mid-air that will give more options if the weather does not clear up. This resulted in a 60-minute time delay but it gives flexibility to keeping the elephants alive and safe. In the final step in this simulation, I had to make a decision on how take handle a curd that woke up during the flight. I made the decision to restrain the curd due to the time constraints and understanding that the curd did not need to be sedated. This decision caused a13 minute delay but it did not affect the time constraints of the project. This simulation has shown the unforeseen problems that are not planned and could influence the success of a project if the proper decisions are not made in a timely matter to prevent additional problems. Project management has different elements that exist that make every project different from another project. This simulation made me realize how important controlling time delays are important to the success of a project.
What advantages and limitations of project management are identified in the simulation?
Limitations identified in this simulation were the unforeseen events that caused delays in the project. Proper planning to meet the objective of the project were created but factors such as the trailer truck breaking down and the weather storm affecting the airplane from landing are limitations to project management. Even with proper planning, execution, and control methods in place a project team can never prevent problems such as equipment breakdown, weather, and health issues that could arise at any point in the project. These are limitations that project managers have to make decisions based on the information and options that are available at...

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