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Acculturate/Adapt To A New Culture/Society Essay

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Can Kim's (2005) model explain how forced migrants (refugees难民 and asylum seekers避难者) can acculturate/adapt to a new culture/society 适应新文化

(see Witteborn, 2011 on forced migrants)? Why? Why not?

To answer the question, Kim’s model can explain how forced migrants can adapt to a new culture. In Kim’s (2005) theory, cross-cultural adaptation refers to a dynamic process of human evolution that tend to struggle for an internal equilibrium in the face of often adversarial environmental conditions. In some cases, adaptive successes may entirely depend on the positivity of the stranger’s personality. According to Witteborn (2011), forced migrants (asylum seeks and refugees) are not only ...view middle of the document...

In the end, the viability of a theory rests on the reality to which it is directed. To the present theory, the reality is the unfolding of experiences and accompanying changes in countless individuals who, at this very moment and at all
corners of the world, are striving to forge a new life away from their familiar grounds. There is no denying that crosscultural adaptation occurs, and this theory simply affirms this reality. The real choice left for us, then, is the degree of change that we are willing to undergo and embrace. By refusing to change, we can minimize the change. By accelerating our adaptive efforts, we can maximize it.

The asylum seekers gain a voice by engaging in virtual advocacy and
highlighting the interrelationships between protection and risk. The testimonios
told in public spaces like citizen forums and community centres or asylum
shelters might fade away over the course of time. However, the ones recorded
Downloaded by [Chinese University of Hong Kong] at 22:56 19 March 2012
in virtual space have the potential to remain visible to a general public. Thus,
they can help the public gain insight into what it means being an asylum seeker,
become projection spaces for identifying with the stories, and give advice and
affirmation of what it means being an asylum seeker to other forced migrants.
The website...

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