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Accounting Selections Essay

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Starting from company background,
First we will look at the products , Rogers has 3 main divisions which are Cable, wireless and media. Cable and wireless are the two of its most important services which account for over 80% of its annual revenue. Therefore during the auditing process there would be special focus on these two areas.
Location and size
Rogers roughly has over 24000 employees across Canada, while its headquarter is in Toronto Ontario. And it is one of the biggest company in its industry in terms of total assets which amount to over $19 billion.

Rogers has various initiatives and programs which demonstrates that it is a socially responsible orangnazation, for example ...view middle of the document...

Rogers has to abide by the laws laid in the Broadcasting Act and there is a regulatory body in this industry in Canada named Canadian radio television and telecommunication commission which regulates rogers and other companies in the industry.
Next up we will be talking about rogers financial health,
Currently, rogers has a total debt to equity ratio of 2.86 for year 2012 and this means nearly 3/4 of capital is acquired through debt. Specifically for debt roughly 2/3 of it is long term notes payable, this means half of the company's capital is acquired through long term debt.

This table summarizes all key ratios for rogers compared to the industry for year 2012.
Rogers has a high liquidity which is demonstrated through its quick and current ratios which are higher than the industry average.its return on assets is slightly higher than the industry average and this shows that rogers management is efficient at using its assets to generate earnings. Its return on equity is very high compared to industry, however we need to consider the fact that rogers...

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