Accounting Info Systems Essay

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Evolution of Accounting Information Systems
ACC340 – Professor Williams
University of Phoenix
Jessica L. Rigassio

Every accountant knows that accounting is the language of business in today’s society. Although that language has gone through many changes throughout the ages, accounting technology has always played a part in making the accountant’s job just a little bit easier. Technology advancements have enhanced the accountant’s ability to interpret data efficiently and effectively (Pepe, 2011). Whoever the accountant may be, now has the ability to interpret the language of business with such ease that the accountant has become a corporation’s most trusted business advisor. As our ...view middle of the document...

As for the Intranet, it can distribute information to employees such as corporate policies, and programs. Companies create a portal within their company, which is a single point of access. Information can come from numerous different systems using a Web interface. This is an excellent way for employees to communicate within an organization. Linking electronically increases efficiency and cuts down on travel costs ultimately reducing operational costs.
With the click of a mouse, information became accessible to an accountant. Ultimately, changing the nature of an accountant’s work. Doors began swinging wide open with the use of information technology leading to diversification in the field of accounting. Businesses commenced the search for professional accountants and their technological advice. Accountants became more knowledgeable about which financial systems operated best. An accountant’s main role was to help businesses become more productive. Integrating the client’s technologies properly with the accountant’s systems made the practice more efficient when it came time for write-ups and reconciliation processes.
Not only does the client need to have proficient financial processes but the accountants themselves need software programs that keep track of clients accounting information with improved efficiency (Pepe, 2011). Accountants work with systems programmers to develop a digital process that organizes their client’s history and all their documents. Once their information is input into the computer, the processing cycle enables it to change the data into useful information. Output, transfers the processed information to the accountant when he/she can then analyze the data and interpret the clients’ financial statements so as to increase the clients success. In simpler terms, the clients’ records are stored and organized on an accountants computer system. Computer information systems eliminated suitcases full of file folders to a more organized and competent portable storage device making business fast and easy....

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