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Accounting For Managers 1 Essay

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14. The following cost information is available for ­Senkowski, Ltd.:

Activity Allocation Base Volume
Activity Volume
Purchase Purchase order 30,000 150,000
Receiving Shipment Received 15,000 60,000
Machine Setups Setups 2,500 200,000
Quality Control Inspections 18,000 90,000

Direct materials are $ 15 per unit for luxury hand-bags and $ 11 per unit for deluxe handbags. There were 12,500 direct labor hours, each of which was charged to inventory at $ 18 per hour.
Traditional- $320
Activity-based Costing- $252

B. One particular batch of 40 luxury handbags had the following specifications: Direct labor hours 8 Purchase orders 4 Shipments received 3 Setups 2 Inspections 12
Direct Labor Hours 8
Purchase orders 4
Shipments Received 3
Setups 2
Inspections 12

Calculate the overhead to be allocated to the bags under the traditional and ...view middle of the document...

Each time an operation changes or a new operation begins, the cameras are moved and a QC engineer loads a new master picture into the computer. The camera takes pictures of the unit in process, and the computer compares them with the picture of a “ good” unit. Any differences are sent to a QC engineer, who removes the bad units and immediately discusses the flaws with the production supervisors. The new system has replaced the 10 QC inspectors with two QC engineers. The operating costs of the new QC system, including the salaries of the QC engineers, have been included as overhead in calculating the company’s plant wide factory overhead rate, which is based on direct labor dollars. In short, the company’s president is confused. The vice president of production has been commenting on how efficient the new system is, yet the president has observed that there has been a significant increase in the factory overhead rate. The computation of the rate before and after implementation of the new QC system is as follows:
Before After
Budget Overhead 1,900,000 2,100,00
Budget Direct Labor 1,000,000 700,000
Budget Overhead Rate 190% 300%
“ Three hundred percent,” lamented the president. “ How can we compete with such a high factory overhead rate?”
A. Discuss the development of factory overhead rates. Why do we need factory overhead rates, and how are they computed? Why do we need factory overhead rates, and how are they computed? Discuss the accuracy of the computation of a factory overhead rate. B. Explain why the increase in the overhead rate should not have a negative impact on Worth Hawes Manufacturing. C. Explain, in the greatest detail possible, how the company could change its overhead accounting system to eliminate confusion over product costs. D. Discuss how an activity- based costing system might benefit Worth Hawes Manufacturing.
B. Explain why the increase in the overhead rate should not have a negative impact on Worth Hawes Manufacturing.
C. C. Explain, in the greatest detail possible, how the company could change its overhead accounting system to eliminate confusion over product costs.
D. D. Discuss how an activity- based costing system might benefit Worth Hawes Manufacturing.

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