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Accounting Essay

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Finance 423 Summer 2014
Financial Analysis and Management Dr. Kamal M. Haddad

Fin 423 is designed to develop critical thinking at the individual level, and problem solving competencies at both the individual and group levels. Teamwork and group problem solving are stressed. The course provides a thorough overview of financial analysis, including relevant modern theory and practical applications. Topics include financial statement analysis, financial planning, principles of valuation, capital budgeting, capital structure, and issues in financial policy. The course gives students ...view middle of the document...

Develop hands-on, pro forma modeling skills using Excel.
Develop presentation and writing skills.

Fin 325, Acctg 326 and 321 are the prerequisites for this course and are strictly enforced. Concurrent enrollment is not permitted. Throughout this course I will assume that you know the material covered in Fin 325 and the prerequisites to Fin 325.

Selected Darden Cases, K. Haddad (Montezuma Publishing) [Casebook]
Analysis for Financial Management, R. C. Higgins (Irwin), [H]
Valuation, McKinsey and Company (Wiley), [V]
A spreadsheet.
Any intermediate-level finance textbook such as Brealey and Myers, Principles of Corporate Finance. [B&M]
Any intermediate level accounting textbook such as Kieso and Weygandt.

Classes will be divided between case presentations/discussions and work period sessions, with somewhat greater emphasis on case discussions. The work periods are set aside for a variety of activities. Some of these periods may be devoted to lectures by me on topics related to case material, others may be strictly enrichment material unrelated to a specific case. There will, on some days, be time for you to meet with your team to discuss upcoming case(s). I will be in the room and available.

Reading assignments from [H].
1. Review the material in ch's 1, 2, 3, and 4 during the first week of the term.
2. Read ch's 7 and 8 by week 2.
3. Read ch's 5 and 6 by week 3.
4. Read ch. 9 by week 4.
Reading assignments from [V]. Read the book by week 8.

Presentation Sessions
Gaining experience in making effective presentations is an important part of this course. Role-playing is helpful in this regard. The presentation group will play the role of a team of outside consultants who have been hired by the corporate headquarters staff (class) to present independent recommendations and a solution to the problem at hand.

Presentation sessions will be organized as follows. At the beginning of the session each student from the designated teams will turn in strategy papers (see schedule below). The presentation team will come prepared to present the case with a complete set of power point, or equivalent, slides -- one set of which will be turned in to me. All of the assumptions necessary to solve the case should be collected together and displayed on one or more contiguous slides. The presentation group will have 40 (uninterrupted) minutes in which to make their formal presentation. [Note: Since you are addressing a Corporate Headquarters Group it is neither necessary nor desirable to spend any time summarizing background material that would be general knowledge for any of the corporation's executives. You may find it helpful, however, to call attention to specific elements of the economic and competitive environments that are relevant to your approach.] After the presentation team has finished, the interrogation team and then the...

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