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Accountability Of Military Weapons And Gear

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Accountability of Military Weapons and Gear It is very important at all times for a soldier to know where their weapon ,headset or any equipment are. Especially when at war. A soldier without his/her equipment is handicapped, he she can not defend him or herself from enemy fire without having their weapon ready ,nor communicate with people in their convoy without their headset. Having your weapon and headset secure is also a matter of safety. Going out on any mission in the military without necessary equipment is dangerous. A soldier can not be ready to engage the enemy without his/her necessary equipment near and ready. Also when you know where your weapons, headsets, and other equipment ...view middle of the document...

That mistake could cost him or her their life or the lives of their partners or people they are suppose to protect. So knowledge of the location of your weapon does not only apply to soldiers. The same also applies to communication devices like headsets. If a pilot for a commercial airline carrier did not have his or her headset while in flight, the pilot would be putting the lives of everyone aboard the aircraft in danger. That pilot would most likely lose his or her pilot license for a dangerous mistake like that. No one would want to be on an airplane piloted by someone who forgets important gear. In the Air Force, if a pilot does not have his or her headset while flying then they can not communicate with their dispatches and that pilot‘s performance during the mission would be terrible. In Iraq Communication between Coalition Forces is extremely important. Without it, the strength of our military would be far less than what it is now. Convoy’s need to be able to communicate within themselves and with other Clips. Lacking the appropriate gear like vic-3s is totally unacceptable. In a war zone like Iraq or Afghanistan it is always import to be ready to engage the enemy if and/or when attacked. If you have misplaced your weapon, you can not defend yourself or your battle buddy. And that puts a burden on the people in the platoon or squad that you are in. The soldiers in your squad would have to compensate for your lack of a weapon if engaged by the enemy. Not knowing where your weapon is in that type of situation can cost you your life or the life of someone in your platoon or unit. Also if the convoy you are in is attacked and you don’t have a vic-3 headset, you will not be able to contact the appropriate authorities and let them know the status of your situation over the radio. The absence of these items can have disastrous affects on a soldier or the soldiers around him or her if placed in a bad situation. For someone in Iraq, it is crucial to always have accountability of the gear that has been given. Making even the smallest mistakes in a combat situation can have horrible effects, and can cost lives. A good soldier or professional in the civilian world prides him or herself on being efficient, reliable and productive. Efficiency,reliability and productivity in a wartime situation in my opinion is crucial. If a soldier or other professional loses track of the items that they need, they are no longer efficient nor proffesional. I can not imagine an Army full of soldiers who are inefficient and unreliable enough to lose their weapons and other important things. If such an Army existed, it would be terminated quickly by any high speed and capable enemy. When fired at, instead of being able to return fire quickly, a group of inefficient soldiers would be scrambling to try and find their weapons and other important gear and eventually be killed. Being unprofessional and unready gives the enemy the advantage in war. And any advantage that an...

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