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Accountability Blows Essay

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What is accountability? I define accountability as the state of knowing where

something is at all times or being responsible if something did or did not happen.

I believe that accountability is important in some aspects for instance,

teachers have to know if the kids they are teaching are learning or if they decide

not to show up at school. Being accountable of tools in the work center is

another important factor because that is when tools get lost and could end up in

an engine and cause another plane crash. I know that I would definitely want to

know where my personal property for instance, I know that I would want to know

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can be very important for instance if I was to go for a night out camping but on my

HARP form I just say that I am going to the beach or just staying on base and I do not

show up for work on Monday. If they try to call my phone and I do not answer they

would have no choice but to come and look for me and take me to work where I will deal

with the punishment. They will look at my HARP form and they will see that it says that I

am just going to stay on base so they will come to my room to find me but I would not

be there because I am out camping instead. They cannot just go back to work and

forget about me because I did sign a contract that states somewhere in there that says

that I have to obey anything that the marines appointed over me tell me to do so I have

to go to work and just put up with it. But if they cannot find me then that is when they

would get in trouble by the ones appointed over them because they lost me. When it

comes to what Lance Corporal McConnell, Lance Corporal Quillen, and I did was wrong

because Staff Sergeant Anderson entrusted the three of us to go to swim quall. I can

not to this day say why I decided to go along with Lance Corporal McConnell’s poor

judgment call is beyond me. For some reason I decided to just go along with it. It was a

bad decision on my part. If we were have to get recalled or seen where we were not

supposed to be then would have been considered UA. That can fall under accountability

in some ways I suppose.

Now the other side of the sword. I honestly think that it is retarded that a grown

man has to call another grown man who is just a few years older than I am to tell him

where I am and where I am going or even what I am doing. It is just like being back at

home with my parents. My parents needed to know where I am or what I was doing and

I had to be home by 10:00. I joined the Marine Corps partly because I wanted to get

away from that. I wanted to be treated like a grown man. Where I can do my job and

then go to where I lived to have a cold beer and relax. If I didn’t join the Marine Corps

and went to college instead then that would happen. I would have a career and have my

own place instead of a single room and I would not have to call my boss every night and

every morning to tell him that I am alive. If I wanted to get yelled at and punished for not

calling then I would have stayed at home, worked three full time jobs, like when I was a

senior in high school, to support both my parents and my five younger sisters. I did not

want to do that anymore, I wanted to be treated for who I am and what I can do. I make

one mistake and everyone gets all butt hurt about it. I have so much going on in my life

right now and it is hard to remember having to do something Monday morning after a

weekend. The weekend is my time to relax, I do not want to think or...

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