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Accountability And Transparency Of Governmnet Sectors Of Nepal

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Accountability and transparency are indispensable aspect of an efficient functioning system. A transparent system focuses on openness of the system through clear processes and procedures and easy access to public information. Increased transparency in the system can facilitate greater accountability and both when acted together improves quality of governance, increased organizational responsiveness, lowering of corruption, better delivery of services , improved citizen engagement and better budget utilization. The absence of accountability and transparency leads to mistrust and dissatisfaction towards the organization and its services.
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When citizens receive public services, government rules, policies and structures (at institutional level) and attitude, behavior, style of work etc. (at officer’s individual level) are involved. Citizens may regularly express their dissatisfaction at the individual or level or through the media. The dissatisfaction towards the government services have been heard and talked about a lot in our society. The services have been failing to meet the expectation and need of people as it has not paid much attention to evaluating the effectiveness of such services. And the question arises, whether these services have been successful in satisfying people through its quality, fairness, and delivery mechanism and in situation of poor delivery, whether GoN holds itself responsible, accountable, and transparent in its service affairs or not.
Thus, a need to improve the service delivery mechanism of Nepal’s public institutions and a need to make it free from the traditional climate of slow performance and secret dealing is a basic necessity for good governance. For which, transparency and accountability is must. Once the institutions are made responsive and accountable, the delivery of public service can better match the need and expectation of people.

We have categorized the major issues concerning accountability and transparency of the government sectors of Nepal, basically into Political, Legal, Economical, Issue regarding misuse of authority and issue of unusual trend following mentality.
In Nepalese context, lack of political conscience and understanding is a major issue which can be seen through the continuous political instability. The commitment of political parties and government to deliver service to people and ensure human rights can be doubted. The process of making the main law of nation i.e. constitution appears to moving nowhere because of the political parties ideology differences. This political instability has affected various sectors such as health, education, industry which has accounted to losses in the country’s economy.
The next factor is the legal factor which is the predominant issue for any developing country like Nepal. In Nepal the laws, policies, act and rules have been practiced for many years without it being reformed and updated. Some acts and laws need to be reformed violently while and some needs to be implemented seriously and sincerely rather than just storing it in words. Looking the scenario of Nepal "law doesn't lie above all", as we can see many human rights being violated and political security to the law breakers is most often seen. But there has been minimal steps undertaken from the government to actually change these type of absurd activities and scenarios.
Economically, Nepal has been in not-so-good situation. This can be seen by ineffective budget planning where the expected expenditure and real expenditure always vary by big margin. The problem of budget and proper utilization of fund has been...

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