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Account Tab Essay

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The Account Tab

The account tab offers personal information for each student. By selecting this tab you are given direct access to your account, whether it is educational information, financial information, or personal information. We start as it is listed from left to right. On the left side of the page are four columns:
* My Profile
* Change Password
* Change Address/ Contact Information
* My Student Verification Information
Each of these is a sub-category of the original Account. By selecting one of these links you are guided to a new page.
The My Profile link guides the student back to the home tab where they are offered personal information on their individual ...view middle of the document...

On the Right side of the original Account Tab window is four other links:
* Account Summary Pay Bills
* Payment History
* Tax Forms/ 1098 T
* Employer/Tribal Academic Partnership Program

The Account Summary Link was clicked on opens a new tab offering the student to view current payments due, and payments that have been assessed. The page also gives the option to make a payment through credit card, debit card, or by electronic check. The other two options given are to check previous payments and financial history and a direct link back to the home tab.

The Payment History link also pulls up a separate tab which displays all payment and financial history of the student. The page displays the history of current transaction and using the navigational page keys located at the bottom of the page, the student can go back through their history to the beginning to find any financial information they need.

The Tax Forms/ 1098-T link direct the student to another tab giving all tax information for filing taxes and how to find their 1098-t forms. Under this tab you can view the years in which a 1098-t has been issued. It also offers the student the right to change how they receive this form and ways in which to contact the IRS directly if needed. At the bottom of the screen there is several help line numbers display if the student needs additional help navigating or finding their information.
The Employer/Tribal Academic Partnership Program link takes the student to a page in which allows the student to...

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