According To The Author Of This Extract, What Aspects Of Faraday’s Life And Work Contributed To His Reputation? How Does The Picture Presented Here Compare To The Picture Of Faraday’s Reputation In His Own Lifetime

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According to the author of this extract, what aspects of Faraday’s life and work contributed to his reputation? How does the picture presented here compare to the picture of Faraday’s reputation in his own lifetime presented in Book 1, Chapter 4?

The extract from The Times written some 100 years after the birth of Faraday portrays the image of a great man of science, a pioneer to be emulated ‘…how his successors have followed him…’ (Faraday, AA100 Assignment Booklet, 2011, p.23) and perpetuates the reputation gained in his lifetime of a self-motivated, hardworking scientist who is working for the love of his subject rather than for any financial gain ‘…that Faraday loved science ...view middle of the document...

He also learnt how to deliver interesting lectures that would captivate his audience and, therefore, attract a following that would entrench his reputation not only in the world of science but also in the popular culture of the day ‘…Faraday trained himself to be the best Lecturer in London…’ (Faraday, Constructing a Reputation, Feedback, DVD ROM 2009). His reputation was one that could almost be compared to that of today’s celebrities with audiences flocking to see his Lectures ‘… and which brought Christmas after Christmas, troops of young people to attend his expositions…’ (Falconer with James, 2008, p.115).

The Times extract implies that Faraday’s reputation was based entirely on his simple life and lack of interest in anything other than the world of science ‘He lived simply, with few wants and no ambitions, except that of penetrating further…’ (Faraday, AA100 Assignment Booklet, 2011, p.23). This may have been true but Faraday’s courting of the press and his audiences are...

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