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According To Freud, Sexual Desire Is The Drive Behind Everything. "Death In Venice" By Thomas Mann And The Moon And Sixpence By W. Somerset Maugham Are No Exceptions; Both Stories Are Fueled With It

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Depression in Sexual RepressionAccording to Freud, sexual desire is the drive behind everything. "Death in Venice" by Thomas Mann and The Moon and Sixpence by W. Somerset Maugham are no exceptions; both stories are fueled with it. Aschenbach and Strickland spend the majority of their lives repressed. Aschenbach's life is based on strict schedules and discipline. Strickland lives a life in a society he doesn't enjoy. When they go against society and dip into their desires, they both become consumed by them. Restrained passion can lead to discord, as is the case in both of these protagonists.From childhood, Aschenbach in "Death in Venice" bases every action and thought on self-discipline and ...view middle of the document...

His wife describes him to the narrator: "You know, he's not at all literary," she said. "He's a perfect philistine." (Maugham 33) His wife describes as not being literary and at the same time not being anything else. Strickland has no remarkable qualities about him. He appears to be without passion for anything, idly watching life pass him by. The narrator gives his first impression of him by saying: "It was obvious that he had no social gifts, but these a man can do without; he had no eccentricity even, to take him out of the common run; he was just a good, dull, honest, plain man." (Maugham 35) On the outside he appears to be a plain man following social convention, but in truth he is a ball of restrained passion. While Aschenbach's life changes over a short period, Strickland's change was instantaneous. Strickland has thoughts of art during his life as a husband as father, but never acts on them. When he leaves his family, it comes as a surprise to everyone as well as himself. During the months before his departure, Strickland makes no attempt to secure funds for himself or his family. His note to his family consist of only a few vague lines. Strickland's only explanation to the narrator is brief: "I tell you I've got to paint. I can't help myself. When a Man falls into the water it doesn't matter how he swims, well or badly: he's got to get out or else he'll drown." (Maugham 76) Strickland's desire to pursue art builds up for years and then is all released at once.Both of these novellas show the main characters releasing all of their restrained passions. Aschenbach's outlet is a young boy he meets on vacation named Tadzio. Mann goes on to give a very sensuous description of how this boy looks in the eyes of Aschenbach. Tadzio is the most beautiful thing that Aschenbach has ever seen. He says that Tadzio is like a Greek God. In Aschenbach's eyes, the child is so beautiful that it is impossible for the beauty to last because as the boy ages, he will mature and loose it. Just from this description, the reader is made aware that Aschenbach's sexual restraint has been overwhelmed. From day one Aschenbach has restricted his desire and passion to focus on writing. This pent-up sexual desire is now focused...

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