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Accor Vs Colgate Palmolive Csr

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CSR practices: An Accor Hotel Group and Colgate-Palmolive Company review

Student name: Lior David ZOLDAN YAHALOMI
Student number: 302413
Class: G2

CSR practices: An Accor Hotel Group and Colgate-Palmolive Company review

Student name: Lior David ZOLDAN YAHALOMI
Student number: 302413
Class: G2

Statement of authorship

I certify that this dissertation is my own work and contains no material, which has been accepted for the award of any degree or diploma in any institute, college or university. Moreover, to the best of my knowledge and belief, it contains no material previously published or written by another person, except where due reference is made in the text of the ...view middle of the document...

It is also becoming clearer that companies’ decision making does not only affect the business but the society as a whole.
After a thorough analysis of different businesses, the Accor Hotel Group and the Colgate – Palmolive Company have been chosen for the development of this research paper. The following chapters will tell the companies’ history, review the companies’ CSR practices and lastly, examine and evaluate the corporate social responsibility practices from each of the companies as well as provide suggestions on ways to improve.
This chapter will try to analyse and define the concept of CSR.
According to Weber (2008), there is not one single “correct” definition of what CSR really is. On the other hand, Com (2001) assures that Corporate Social responsibility is ‘‘a concept whereby companies decide voluntarily to contribute to a better society and a cleaner environment’’ by incorporating social and environmental issues into their daily business operation as well as into their relationship with their stakeholders. CSR has been in a constant evolution (Bebbington, 2001), to the point where now at days every corporation has its “own” definition for this term (Hack, Kenyon & Wood, 2014), and even expanding to the point where research on the business benefits derived by CSR practices is done (Weber, 2008). Business benefits can be divide into 5 main areas which are: A positive image and reputation of the company; it encourages employee recruitment, motivation and retention; cost savings; higher market share and sales which translates to an increase in revenue; and finally risk reduction on CSR related topics (Weber, 2008).

History of the selected businesses

This chapter will briefly discuss the history and company’s profile of the Accor Hotel Group and the Colgate – Palmolive Company.
Accor Hotel Group
Accor is a French hotel group established in 1967 by Paul Dubrule and Gerard Pelisson under the name SIEH (Societe d’investissement et d’explotation hoteliers). The Novotel in the northern French city of Lille was the group’s first property and seven years later, the budget brand Ibis is launched which now at days has become one of the group’s most popular brands. The company continued its expansion by acquiring the Mercure and Courtepaille brands in 1975 and then in 1980 launches the luxury brand Sofitel. In 1983 the SIEH changes its name to the Accor Hotel Group and in 1985 the ultra-budget hotel Formule1 is launched. Now at days, the Accor Hotel Group’s business portfolio consists of 11 brands and more that 3500 rooms in about 92 countries.

Colgate – Palmolive Company
Colgate – Palmolive Company is an American multinational corporation dedicated to the production and distribution of personal healthcare household and veterinary products. The Colgate – Palmolive Company was created in 1806 by William Colgate when he opened a candle, soap and starch factory in New York under the name of William Colgate...

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