Acclimation To Exercise In The Heat

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Acclimation to exercise in the heat

This paper will provide the definition and background of heat acclimation. In addition to the background detail this paper will also be providing some myths, claims and facts about acclimation. This paper will show how heat affects exercising performance and how we acclimate to heat. The paper will discuss what happens during heat acclimation such as symptoms one have during this period and methods of acclimating to heat.
Acclimation is the ability of an individual to adapt in the change of its environment such as in heat, humidity and cold temperatures. To continuously exercise in heat and to have a tolerance to it is know as heat ...view middle of the document...

Lastly they are is another mistaken belief that woman need longer acclimatization time then men because they are more susceptible to heat illnesses. Fact is that even though a fit individual takes less time to acclimatize he or she still needs to be exposed to the environment heat stress. Fact is that age and gender has no effect on acclimatization it is ones ability to adapt to extreme environment.
Our environment can affect exercise performance but performances vary from individuals and it is said that it is partially because of the cardiac output. When we exercise we our bodies put out heat. The way we get rid of this heat is by sweat, also through conduction and radiation of heat from our bodies. Therefore our bodies have to send a massive amount of blood to our skin. Then the blood is not able to perfuse working muscles and deliver oxygen to them. Because of this a portion of our blood quantity is no longer able to deliver oxygen and energy to muscles. The more of the heat that we need to get rid of the more the proportions of the blood is sent to the skin.
According to Henderson, B. (2010) that the hemoglobin is not needed for cooling but the plasma is. Henderson explains that the plasmas are essentially water with a number of different proteins and electrolytes.
How we acclimate to heat because plasma is essential in our cooling process we need to increase our plasma volume, which is done when we adapt to heat over time. Additionally, not only does plasma volume increase but also changes in sweat sodium concentration, resting core temperature and heart rate, but also plasma volume is expansion is more essential. According to Henderson after extensive acclimatization, plasma can expand up to 2 liters. In Henderson opinion this may be the reason why a fit athlete adapts to heat stress more quickly than the less fit. The more intensive the training it increases the plasma volume therefore training hard can obtain some heat acclimation.
Heat acclimation methods one method is the heat chamber for about 1 hour a day for about 7-14 days. Depending on the reason for the acclimation it is suggested that it is done close to the event as possible because the effects decline after 1-3 weeks. Humidity is very important in the process of acclimation because humidity makes it hard to lose sweating. Another form of acclimation is called passive and that is sitting in a sauna.
The regulation during heat is very important in heat because there is a potential threat for hypothermia. The conservation of sodium chloride also occurs in heat acclimatization. Sodium chloride is lost through sweat and urine this can cause an incline of dehydration. Dehydration is very important when exercising in the heat. When one become dehydrated they can experience symptoms of nausea, muscle cramps, disorientation, slurred speech and confusion. Therefore it is important to maintain and healthy...

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